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Bryant RedHawk
Post     Subject: Clover/ Sheeps fescue lawn...

Never used sheep's fescue but I have had lawns of dutch clover, it almost never needs cutting. On my land I am getting ready to plant some to control erosion and will be putting in a mix of red and white clovers with some alfalfa, this will keep the dirt where I need it and also be a food supply for the deer and other critters that share the spaces with me.
Jamie Wallace
Post     Subject: Clover/ Sheeps fescue lawn...

Has anyone had any experience using a blend of dutch white clover and sheeps fescue as a lawn alternative?
I have been trying to come up with a low input lawn alternative for the pacific northwest region.
The whole idea is that the dutch white clover will help provide nitrogen for the sheeps fescue which is a durable little tuffed grass.
Sheep fescue
Dutch white clover
Thanks in advance for your comments.