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R Scott
Post     Subject: Elderberry Wine

Elderberry wine is AWESOME. I wish I could make barrels of it.

Elderberry syrup on pancakes is absolutely yummy, too.

I need to plant more elderberries.
allen lumley
Post     Subject: Elderberry Wine

Glenn Coie : Thanks for the link, I 'liked and Followed',

The Idea of freezing the clusters, and then cleaning the berries off of the stem clusters, reminds me that that is my favorite way to gather Several of the local
varieties of crab apple, often there is something that happens within the fruit when it freezes, perhaps there is an enzyme released that markedly increases The
sugar content present in the fruit! It seems to be most pronounced in C'apples that the Slow freezing process has caused large ice crystals to form, and the skin
to split!

I can't wait to Try this on Elderberries ! Big AL !

Late Note the entire flower cluster can be dipped in batter, the closer to tempura the better and fried W.o.w.ed the Grandkids on a camping trip last year ! A. L.
Glenn Coie
Post     Subject: Elderberry Wine

I saw this today and am definitely going to try it later this year. Has anybody here had elderberry wine?