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Coco Newlon
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2019 PEP1 event. Big thanks to Nancy!!!

paul wheaton
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mad skills

Jocelyn Campbell
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This is another Carol-anne sign I think. On the Chateau de Poo at the lab.


paul wheaton
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The "poop sled" has been renamed "willow candy warehouse"

Sign by sharla:

paul wheaton
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Evan is now putting signs up on volcano road. The road is divided into four pieces (or "legs):

- submarine leg
- turkey leg
- raspberry leg
- caldera leg

Dale Hodgins
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The Five Man Electric Band, sang about plain, generic, scenery blocking signs. Had they seen these artistic ones, I'm sure they would not have been so harsh.

Here's the first line of the song SIGNS --- And the sign said, "Long-haired freaky people need not apply"... Judging from many of the group photos, it's safe to assume that the lab has no such rule. ☺
paul wheaton
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fred took this one

paul wheaton
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Once we get something going that resembles a creek it will be "Lawton Creek".

I need a beautiful piece of paper. And with all of the people here in full scramble on projects, I thought maybe this could be something that the larger audience could try and send in. This would include a bounty.

I need a single side of a single sheet of paper (although I suppose it could be burned onto wood) that would persuade a person taking a shower to consider going poo-less.

On that note, here is the note that is inside the willow feeders. It is a single sheet of paper that has been laminated. We used to refer to willow feeders as "wheelie bin poopers", but I now like the term "willow feeder" much better. Perhaps somebody could have a go at creating an updated document?

paul wheaton
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When you arrive at ant village:

A carboard sign appeared here last year and evan needed it to be wood:

A sign appeared one day on my little flatbed cart:

And then evan made a sign for where I park it:

Carol Anne made oodles of signs. This one is from the house to the turtle lot:

Tony's bee hut:

Submarine access road:

Dances with pigs meadow:

When you arrive at our southern border:

We found that roads needed names so we can talk about where we saw a deer or something:

Allerton Ave naturally takes you to allerton abbey:

Not sure if this counts as a sign, but a three log bench has been enhanced:

The shower shack:

My favorite sign so far. The big parking lot is lots of sand ....

For the voltswagon!

There are some other signs around. It would be spiffy if we could get those pics here too!

Here is a list of signs yet to be made. Bounties for all of these:

lower sherwood road
upper sherwood road
raspberry rock
emily's tipi
holzer road (to the lemon tree site)
the clay pit
the near-cob pit
the solar leviathan
the willow candy warehouse
volcano road (submarine leg)
volcano road (turkey leg)
volcano road (raspberry leg)
volcano road (caldera leg)

Any others?
Olenka Kleban
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Yes, yes. no spray.
Joseph Lofthouse
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Olenka Kleban
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spring signs:

can you find the steller's jay? i saw a bunch in front of the tipi the other day. i've never seen them before, blue cardinals of the West.
Olenka Kleban
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Sometimes labeling is important. Sometimes it's directional, and sometimes it's mostly for fun.
This thread is for signs. All kinds.
'round Wheaton Labs.

Please feel free to post lots of pictures of birds as we head out of winter.
paul wheaton
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I think Bella's mom drew these out and Bella burned them.

Jaikiran Pai
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Justin Jones wrote: inscribing flat sections with a magnifying glass.

Hadn't heard of such a thing before!

Justin Jones wrote:
She burnt a handful of beautiful signs for us during her stay.

Those really look beautiful and incredible, given the way they were done.

Justin Jones
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Our lovely young volunteer Bella was quite the talented wood burner. Not as in combustion for heat, but inscribing flat sections with a magnifying glass. She burnt a handful of beautiful signs for us during her stay.