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Burra Maluca
Post     Subject: cauliflower fungus?

Thanks guys.

I think that one is going to stay in the 'strictly ornamental' category!
allen lumley
Post     Subject: cauliflower fungus?

Burra : there are Old mushroom collectors and Bold mushroom collectors! there are No Old, Bold, Mushroom collectors.

Once upon a time- my rule used to be if it grew directly out of the wood, it might not be choice or highly edible, but it
probably would not kill me. I survived those days not much wiser but a great deal more cautious, I would pass on that
one ! Big AL
M.K. Dorje Jr.
Post     Subject: cauliflower fungus?

It looks like you've got some type of coral mushroom there. Some species are edible and some are mildly toxic. It is a very difficult group to ID down to species, even for pro mycologists, so I usually don't eat orange-colored coral mushrooms.
But they are some of the most beautiful of all fungi!
Here's a link to wiki with a general description of the Ramaria genus- one of the most common groups of coral fungi:

Hope this helps!

Burra Maluca
Post     Subject: cauliflower fungus?

It's not the one shown in the wikki page, but is it related?

And more importantly, can I eat it?