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James D Young
Post     Subject: Gruel Dehydrating

You are so right. I also make hardtack. It sure has to be dry to store at room temperature for long periods. The gruel is just another storage method. Diversity if you like.
Ken Peavey
Post     Subject: Gruel Dehydrating

Sound like hard tack made from an assortment of grains. A difference is that hard tack is baked.

Hard Tack:
Wheat Flour
A bit of water to make a dough
A pinch of salt
Roll to fit the pan being used.
Bake until it starts to take on a bit of color.
Cut into biscuit sized pieces.
Let it cool for a day.
The next day, bake it again to remove all traces of water.
You can feed an army with this stuff.
James D Young
Post     Subject: Gruel Dehydrating 29 November 2014 Gruel Dehydrating.
An experiment was made by dehydrating some recently made gruel. The end product would make a fine home dry cereal for camping or daily use. It is dry enough to keep for relatively long periods at room temperature. Process is to place on a tray and dehydrate for about eight hours at 145F.The powder is vacuum packed. I store mine in the freezer, since I won’t be using it for some time.