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Feidhlim Harty
Post     Subject: permies postcards

Good morning folks! What are our options for positive reinforcing slogans to build our belief in the abundance and resilience of the world around us; you know, as a kind of aside to the main cynical humour we all know and love. How could I recognise it if I wasn't at the cynicism helm myself…?

Ideas anyone?

Chickens are your tractor? Well it sure beats Monsanta in my palette…

I know - it needs a bit of work… I'm open to getting help here.
Cassie Langstraat
Post     Subject: permies postcards

Hi everyone! These are some cute post cards that they have over at wheaton labs that they are selling!

They are for sale for $5 each plus $10 shipping. The price is so high because they are all now out of print. BUT the same shipping cost can cover a bunch of other stuff from this thread!!

send payment via paypal to paul at

The postcards: