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Darren Gordon
Post     Subject: Looking for Sydney-based marketer/storyteller/local foodie advocate

We are looking for a talented Sydney-based marketer/storyteller who is passionate about locally-grown, healthy, whole foods to join us on a journey.

We are a group of local foodies who can no longer bare to witness overpriced, poor quality and lack of variety in "fresh" produce available to Sydney consumers. We can no longer sit around and watch more and more farmers struggle to make ends meet.

We are setting out to make the change we would like to see in the market. And we need your help to make it happen.

What we are about?
  • Delivering local, seasonal, nutrient-dense food direct from the farmgate to consumers at time of harvest.
  • Reducing delivery time from farm to table ensuring freshness, saving energy, while minimising food spoilage.
  • Eliminating unnecessary middlemen - delivering more profits back to the farmer and rural communities.
  • Sourcing from and supporting farmers practicing regenerative agriculture - producing food which is good for the environment and good for our health.
  • Supporting small, local farmers to protect future food security.
  • Informing the consumer on where their food came from; who grew it, how it was grown, when it was picked and how far it has travelled.
  • Educating the consumer on the real cost of the food they eat and the benefits of eating local, foods in season.
  • Introducing the consumer to 'beyond organic' and 'beyond sustainable' practices.
  • Inspiring a consumer preference for healthy, locally-sourced, fresh food in the community including local school canteens, restaurants and cafes.
  • Cultivating dialogue between farmers and consumers for better planning and production of seasonal crops and the development and introduction of new varieties.
  • Inspiring consumer support for young start-up farmers through crowdfunding and other initiatives.

  • We cannot sit around and wait for public policy to make the much needed changes for the benefit of our health and the environment. Change can happen through enterprise. The pharma and processed food industries have done a great job in marketing to consumers - bringing about the current degraded state of health of the average consumer on the western diet. To level the playing field, we need more of these bright marketing minds peddling healthier, whole food alternatives, while supporting the farmers who grow them.

    Let's make more people aware of the benefits of permaculture - the more sustainable food production alternative.

    Let's make a real change at the consumer level, one belly at a time.

    Want to get involved?
    Email and let's have a chat today.