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Judith Browning
Post     Subject: Seeking moldering toilet information/inspiration

I don't think this is the same pdf that Steve posted Moldering Privies

We are interested in this also, although we have been happy using buckets for fifteen years now
steve patton
Post     Subject: Seeking moldering toilet information/inspiration

Hi Ben---i thru-hiked the Appalachian trail (AT) IN 2010. MOLDERING PRIVIES worked great and most of the AT and regional land owners both federal, local and private supportive.

I am considering installing one myself in SW Missouri.

Attached file is backcountry sanitation by the AT Conference.

Good luck
Ben Brownlow
Post     Subject: Seeking moldering toilet information/inspiration

Howdy. We've been on the bucket humanure system for three years now and I'm thinking about switching to a moldering toilet design. My reasons are 1) transporting buckets of poop across our land to the composting site feels like a disease vector 2) I'd really rather be doing something other than hauling poop 3) our outhouse is outside, so when all our buckets are maxed out in freezing weather, I have to bring them inside for a day or so to be able to empty them. Of all the simple, low input-type composting crappers out there, the moldering design appeals most to me. I envision an open, ventilated pile that could be sealed off with glass or poly-carb in the cold months to encourage composting to continue. Anybody out there have experience or feedback on this type of simple, passive solar design? Ideally I could stack BSFL harvesting into this system as well. I also want to choose a design/location that nullifies any threat of ground water contamination. Holler at me, or better yet, post some images or plans you may have.