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Miles Flansburg
Post     Subject: Pests of the West by Whitney Cranshaw

I give this book 6 out of 10 acorns.
This book has chapters on bugs, disorders of plants, plant diseases, managing mammals and birds, and weed controls.
Tons of great information.
I only gave the book 6 acorns because this book comes from the U.S. extension agencies.
They still seem to think that they must include some chemical controls which are not at all what we at permies want to encourage.
I have the older edition, so I am hopeful that there is less of this in the new edition.
On the other hand the author has included many non chemical methods that make up for the addition of the chapters with chemicals in them.
It is my hope that the extension agencies are slowly moving toward more organic methods and I want to encourage that move.
Miles Flansburg
Post     Subject: Pests of the West by Whitney Cranshaw


Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing


This book was created using the resources of the land grant universities and the cooperative extension agencies.
It's chapters include soils, natural, cultural, mechanical and chemical controls of pests.
Common disorders of plants, management of common bugs and plant diseases. Weed control. Mammal and bird control.
With appendix of attracting insectivorous birds and sources of products.

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