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Mikaela Koncilja
Post     Subject: Fortunia Root Stock Roses with hugelkultur zone 10 , PH Balance? companion planting?

Hello All,

I am on a mission, to turn a small front lawn into a yummie edible forest ( Started with Banana trees and Coconut trees) I want to grow roses to make some salves/oils,
and I am reaching out to my permie friends for any and all advice.

I am currently living in Zone 10 Southern Florida , and I want to Grow Roses, The rose community recommends to use Fortunia root Stock Roses, for success,

I am turning to my permie for your wisdom!

1) using Hugelkutlur in Zone 10 with Root Stock Roses, Does anyone know if this will work or just amplify the challenges of Growing roses in Southern Florida
a. I have had great luck with hugelkutlur and banana trees, but its a different root system!
2. How to Control those sand mites and Thrips naturally that make it their mission to destroy our roses
3. Any companion planting recommendations?
4. What plants or how could I keep the soil at a PH of 6.5

I appreciate any knowledge/wisdom that you have to share!!