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Sue Rine
Post     Subject: Podcast 324 - The Ant Village Explained Part 2

Hi Paul and Jocelyn. Once again, thank you for this discussion of problems and solutions. I'm really happy for you, that things are on a better track and am also grateful that you've put it all "out there" so that others can benefit too.
Cassie Langstraat
Post     Subject: Podcast 324 - The Ant Village Explained Part 2

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Credit: Vida Norris

Paul and Jocelyn continue from part 1 on explaining Ant Village. Paul shares his initial excitement about the concept, and how his previous community project involving gappers ended up steering away from his values. Paul expresses how ant village is much more aligned with where his values are.

Paul paints a picture of the future of ant village, giving a hypothetical scenario featuring several aptly named ants, or deep roots folk which have interconnected services, interests and skills. He explains where fair share comes into play and how it can work or not work. Paul goes through where ant village could end up, with people eventually saving up in such a way they no longer need to work.

Paul and Jocelyn move on to talking about the qualifications for the permaculture land manager position, which would lead the ants and gappers, and help fulfill Paul's projects and goals.

After a brief interlude into some of the previous gapper problems, they move on to details of the Super Weeks and free PDC.

Last but not least Paul goes into the importance of “joy, art, beauty, peace, life, music, hearts, flowers and rainbows,” which he feels they are slowly implementing at Wheaton Labs. Jocelyn brings up Paul's goals of wanting to nurture permaculturists, and “garden gardeners” in a sense, with ant village; which Paul feels strongly is the path for the future of permaculture.

Paul and Jocelyn explore soul building vs. soul draining experiences and the effects of negativity. They go into the ups and downs of venting, and where they are hoping to progress with the current changes.

Paul goes over a few side notes such as:

“Everybody seems normal, until you get to know them”

“If your mouth is saying anything but the simplest response to a question, then you are arrogant.”

“For every person who creates things, there are 20 destroyers, intentional or unintentional.”

Paul gives another example of an intentional community gone wrong, and what the problems were at the root of its downfall.

They finish off with talking about kickstarter and video project potential and Paul's fence design which Evan and Nick completed in one week. Both Paul and Jocelyn express how how the new system is really turning things around for the better so far.

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