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Cody Thibault
Post     Subject: Howdy from Speedwell (near Knoxville) TN!

Hi! I'm Cody. I've been a reader of the forums here for quite a while. Any time I've needed to know something important, on how to fix an issue with my spring, or how in heavens name to do this compost toilet thing, I'd open 2 tabs on my browser, one for searching it, and the other to search it followed by the phrase "permies." Y'all have helped me more than you know! I just thought I'd finally drop in and say hi, and thank you!

We live in the Speedwell area on Tennessee, about 60 miles from Knoxville, and about 1.5 hours from Tri Cities. If there are other members in our area, I would love to chat! We've only been at this a couple years, and we are living pretty darn primitive right now, and really could use any advice someone has to offer! We eventually want to build cob, and hope that can happen in the next few years. Until then, with any luck, we should be the proud owners of a tiny house (!!!) within the next 6 months or so. A wonderful man in our area is going to build it for us, he makes primarily storage buildings for a living, out of pre-insulated metal backed panels. They're R-40 insulated, and they're actually the recycled scraps of old metal doors, so I feel a bit green using those! (Not as green as my eventual dream of a cob home, though.) Our plans is to attach boards to the outside of the building, as if it were siding, and then use a lime plaster/stucco to give it the look my mom wants so badly (this will actually be her place), and any advice on that would be wonderful.

Apart from that, I really just wanted to say thank you for everything y'all had unwittingly helped me with! And hi!

A little about us:
4 of us, mom, Tina, dad, Mike, oldest son, Stephen, 34, youngest son (me!), Cody, 24.
6 dogs:
Ellie (Border Collie, Aussie Shepard mix)
Monty (Dachshund)
Endora (Half Dachshund half Blue Heeler, we call this a TN Blue Weenie)
Dusty (TN Blue Weenie)
Lilly (Chihuahua)
Darryl (Chiweenie, who has Megaesophagus)
(Am I the only homesteader with tiny dogs? :-/)
and a cat named Jack (Hyland Lynx)