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Kate Michaud
Post     Subject: Land Offer

Land Specs:

Zone 4b
Cold Climate
Moist Forest Biom
Extreme temps; -40 C to 40 C
Average temps; -25 C to 25 C
Average yearly precipitation 870 mm, no dry season
Acreage has water/clay, forested with evergreens/deciduous, and pasture
Rural, Agricultural; area population 1,300
Semi-organized county
3 kl from nearby village
36 kl in any direction from 4 nearby towns
126 kl from major city center
Michael Newby
Post     Subject: Land Offer

Wow, that's a really open ended question. There's so many different variables to take into consideration that can have a huge effect on the value of the land.

You can get 5 acres of desert land with zero improvements for <$10K but the price starts to go up quickly if you have water, good soil, in the vicinity of a town, etc.

Can you give some specifics about the property this is being proposed for? Location, climate, soil type and existing vegetation cover, things like that.
Kate Michaud
Post     Subject: Land Offer

If I were to offer you up to 5 acres,
your choice of cleared or not,
in a lease of up to 18 years,
what would you propose as a fair exchange?