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Miles Flansburg
Post     Subject: Talking Shit about Paul Wheaton

Howdy Sarah, welcome to permies!
Dan Boone
Post     Subject: Talking Shit about Paul Wheaton

Hi, Sarah, welcome to Permies!

Everybody else -- if you're here looking for people talking shit about Paul, you're going to be disappointed. The blog post is indeed called that, but in my fast read I didn't spot any shit being talked -- quite the contrary in fact, the post is very complimentary. A pure and excellent clickbait headline!
Sarah Nueve
Post     Subject: Talking Shit about Paul Wheaton

In my search for a PDC, naturally I landed on

From one of the upcoming PDC postings, I clicked through to a website of a permaculture farm in Costa Rica with a design course coming up in January 2016. On the site I found this blog post.

Kinda funny. Just had to share it. The PDC looks exciting, too. MARC TOBIN is presenting.