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Andy Commons
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Hi All,
I just saw in the paper that this event is actually THIS Saturday, 10/16/10.

Details (same as original post above):

Robert Sunset
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It was the Saturday following this post actually
Rebecca Dane
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so what day this event held?
Robert Sunset
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1st Annual Breasty Festy
1:00 PM    Caras Park

Celebrating women and raising awareness and money for early detection programs in a fun new way! Food vendors, Beer vendors, live music, entertainment,educational resources, dunk tank, massage tables, special guests, silent FauxPink art aucton. Sponsored by FauxPink, Zip Beverage, Silver Slipper, and more!

Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Caras Park
Address: N/A
Phone: 640-FAUX

Well, it doesn't sound very eco-friendly but it's for a good cause right?