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Dirk Gently
Post     Subject: Please help to post in our crop database

Looks good, will look at my region for information. I think they can need some help with posting.
peter le grand
Post     Subject: Please help to post in our crop database

Hi Permies,

We just created a website that is a database where people can post their experiences with crops. All experiences are classified by crop, soil, climate, and country. By this classification, visitors to the site can easily find relevant information.

We have just completed the framework (200+ crops, 50+ countries, 30+ climates, 6 soils)

Can you help us and the community with this resource by start posting in this database.

We hope by your posts the community can gain knowledge for their areas of interest.

Please post you experience at

You can find an explanation on how to sign up and post at:

We are waiting for you at combiculture website, please join us now.


By the way, if you have a lot of stories we can upload them for you.