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Paul Ryan
Post     Subject: Russian dacha gardening

Thanks David, I'll check that out

In case anyone stumbles across this post in the future, the following two books are useful if you're interested in the sociological and cultural significance of the dacha in Russia (but they do not focus on practical info about the actual gardening):

Lovell (2003) Summerfolk, A History of the Dacha, 1710–2000, Cornell University Press

Caldwell (2010) Dacha Idylls: Living Organically in Russia's Countryside, University of California Press
David Livingston
Post     Subject: Russian dacha gardening

Have you come across this

Gardening with a smile - it by some Russian organic gardeners . They do a great Beekeeping with a smile as well by the same publisher .

Paul Ryan
Post     Subject: Russian dacha gardening

calling all Russian permaculturists ...

I'm trying to find good sources in English language about practical aspects of typical dacha gardening - plant lists, garden designs, month-by-month routine, ways of extending the growing season, ways of preserving the crop, etc. Practical stuff.

(For one thing, I'm wondering what's the same and what's different about dacha gardening and UK allotment gardening.)

Can anyone recommend any online resources or books in English? (I can't read Russian, otherwise this would be easy!)
I think we in the UK could learn a lot from the Russian experience of grass-roots food production (and making it fun)