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Eddie Manjarres
Post     Subject: NW Oregon - Hard working family

Currently reaching out to farms and farmers, who are looking to mentor or teach their skills. Hard working, honest, and reliable person looking to change careers and learn the farming business. I learn quickly, strong back, and not afraid to get dirty.

My skills and work experiences are varied and I can bring a lot to any type of business that I am involved in. Ideally I am interested in a position that will show me how to run and the operations of day to day and through the seasons of the farming business(including livestock). Seeking to be involved with farms that use sustainable methods, open pasture animals, organic, and respectful land practices. Most recently I have been working as a facility engineer at industrial laundry facility. Having to work on 480v equipment, hydraulic, pneumatics, pumps, gas boilers, plumbing and electrical work, and repairs. Worked on everything from painting to fabrication work, including welding. Before this I spent several years in the culinary field and have a high respect for the farm to table concepts. While in school I had an opportunity to take agriculture courses that I took for two years, I think this would be a great career for myself and family.

My goal is to reach out and find an individual farmer or established farm, that would like to take on a mentoring opportunity with an open minded, physically able, and bright individual. Ideally working with someone wanting to teach, having good land practices, and reputation as such.

We are a mature family, all able to work and contribute.