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travis laduke
Post     Subject: Re: House plant permaculture

You have some of the better fresh air makers. Other recommendations for fresh air are: Snake Plant(Mother in Law's Tongue) and Money Plant.

The book I have and these sites/videos are focused on cleaning the air and don't mention nitrogen fixing. It would be interesting to find out which of these do fix nitrogen.

Maybe someone knows of some low growing nitrogen fixer that survives on as little light as a house plant. Some kind of clover?
rose macaskie
Post     Subject: Re: House plant permaculture

  things grow on the soil of plants on my balcony without me planting them but nothing grows in the pots of the plants i have in the house  but maybe they could. rose macakskie.
Dave Miller
Post     Subject: House plant permaculture

Here in my cube I have two rubber trees and a dracaena plant.  One rubber tree is about 13  feet tall, the other is about 6 feet tall.  My cube is 6'x8' so the trees reach over the aisle and my neighbor's cube.  Everyone here thinks they are great.

Can anyone think of any good companion plants for these?  There is plenty of space in the pots for additional plants.  They would obviously need to be tropical plants.

Something that stays fairly small and fixes nitrogen would be ideal.