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Zach Muller
Post     Subject: Compost tea, which books?

For resources on actively aerated compost tea there is no better than Tim Wilson atMicrobe organics. He has done a lot of research over the years and shared much of his results and considerations. I find his direct and open approach encouraging. Hopefully there are other resources that cover other types of tea making and using, but in unaware of them.
zinneken ikke
Post     Subject: Compost tea, which books?

Been reading through various threads on compost tea, but other then a bunch of emails I could not find references about books or research works.

It appears to me when making compost tea from weeds and/or scraps, depending on what plant and or plant material is in the mix, one may be making a herbicide/pesticide/fungicide which may put off your permaculture balance? Think about the organic/biodynamic plant concoctions used to kill pests, suppress certain plants, etc.

Are there good books or research works on compost tea's, how to make them, what to use them for, how to use them?