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Kendra Roark
Post     Subject: Seeking like minded people to start a permaculture homestead/community in the Ozarks

Are you still looking for people?
Ozark native Christian family of 3, farm raised, would be an asset to an homestead/community :)
Andrea Redenbaugh
Post     Subject: Seeking like minded people to start a permaculture homestead/community in the Ozarks

I sent a PM
Michael W. Stewart
Post     Subject: Seeking like minded people to start a permaculture homestead/community in the Ozarks

Seeking a like-minded, hard-working, self-motivated family/couple/individual to help us start a permaculture home site/garden/orchard/community.  We have 75ish acres of raw-ish land in the Ozarks of south central Missouri, which we are hoping to turn into a permaculture home-site and possibly a community.  We are starting basically from scratch with only the two houses, and the pole bard.  There is a small established pecan orchard and a couple of pear trees.  The wood line also grows wild black berries.  We have a small pond, also with blackberries, but no ducks or fish as of yet.  We are offering a double wide trailer, electricity and water, a stone’s throw from our house.  It comes with full sized fridge, washer and dryer, bed, couch, table and chairs.  It is a full bath, 2.5 bedroom (the larger room has an office attached to it).  We provide the tools and supplies for gardening.  Drunkenness is a non-negotiable deal breaker.  Illegal drugs are the same.  You are welcome to anything that is grown on the land.  We would like to have this grow into a partnership relationship.  

Us: We are a family of 6, Dad, Mom, four boys ages 8-5.  We don't drink alcohol, we don't smoke or chew tobacco, we have 'old-fashioned' family values, we don't party, we pray, we serve the larger community through our church and other means.  We are transitioning toward self-sufficiency through permaculture.  We value learning and self-improvement.  Husband works with the US Army at Ft. Leonard Wood and am likely to stay there for several years.  With this full time job, on top of the community service and educational opportunities he doesn’t have as much time as he would like to establish a permaculture system.  Wife is a stay at home mom and home-schooler.  She is a certified aroma therapist and a great homemaker.  
You: You are trustworthy, responsible, emotionally and personally stable, self-motivated, and respectful.  You have a base knowledge of permaculture, and want to learn more through education and practice. You are committed to stewardship of the earth, and desire to have a healthy, productive, organic life.  You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to see potential and the drive to turn that potential into reality.  Hopefully you have a vehicle to get around on your own.    If your past was less than squeaky clean it was a long time ago and you've learned from it and moved on.  You love family and kids.  You enjoy learning new things and teaching others what you know.  You are handy and can help out with house repairs such as minor plumbing and electrical issues.  You are interested in becoming a founding member of a permaculture community and eger to see if this could be your opportunity to start one.  You have minimal debt and plenty of energy.  

The deal: 75-ish acres of raw-ish of rural Missouri Ozarks, two hours away from St. Louis and three hours away from Kansas City.   You will have a fairly free license to co-design and implement a permaculture scheme.  You will be the main labor force and will therefore be encouraged to find ways to make a sustainable profit from the land.  This could be SPIN gardening, or anything else that respects the land. There is a small town, population 1,500, about two miles up the road and a small university town, population 20k, about 40 minutes away.  You will have access to, and generally free use of any and all tools that we have which include; saw mill, small tractor, chain saws, a few wood working tools, gardening tools.  Our family’s safety is the most important thing for us to consider.  If our children

If genuinely interested, write back and tell me some things about you and why you really want to do this. We usually get a lot of responses, so actually giving info other than just your name and phone number will get a response back. If you get no response in a couple days, it may just be that we didn't get your mail which happened in the past with some good people, so just write to us again.