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r ranson
Post     Subject: Beautiful yellow caterpillar

Wow!  That is beautiful.

the people at bugguide will be able to confirm what it is and what it eats.  

It may even be a wild silkmoth (there are several dozen varieties of moth that produce silk we can use for making cloth, only one is truly domesticated).  I think there is great potential for careful use of wild silkmoths.
Tyler Ludens
Post     Subject: Beautiful yellow caterpillar

Wow, gorgeous!  That looks like it's some kind of Tussock Moth caterpillar, who eat a lot of things, but I would not personally worry about it.
Michelle Bisson
Post     Subject: Beautiful yellow caterpillar

I found this beautiful caterpillar on one of my Sea Buckthorn (seaberry) plants.  There seemed to be no damage, but I removed it and placed it far away from my plants.  I could not bear to kill it since it was so beautiful.

Can anyone identify this caterpillar?  I would like to know if I should be concerned.

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