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Post     Subject: Organic farmer wanted in Thailand

I saw this ad posted on Thaivisa and thhought that it might be of interest here.

"Category: Seeking
Price: 10,000 THB
Posted by: Chang Noi
Phone number: 0843495662
Location: Chiang dao / meung ngai, Chiang Mai
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Expire on: 14/12/2010
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Hello Khrap!

My name is Kuhn Chang Noi and I am interested in hiring an organic farmer for my new farm. The farm is located in Chiang Dao (Meung Ngai).
I am looking for someone with organic farming experience. I will be setting up the NGO to have health therapy at the farm. The land is 7 rai. The land have small house where can sleep.

I grow carrot, beet root, salad, onion, tomato, etc.

I make my own compost and fertilizer.

I have room available can stay at farm.

experience with water drip system irrigation is very good.

10,000 Baht / month

Kuhn Chang Noi