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Eliza Rose
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What's wrong with body hair?  (Not replying to your singles ad as a prospect, but am genuinely curious.)
creatingsanctuary Hatfield
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How does the pure clean waters of the Missouri Ozarks appeal to you?  My ad is posted shortly after yours
natural22 Hatfield
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I am 34y/o MaleĀ  currently in the Army and a few months away from being a civilian again. I Live a healthy clean lifestyle. I hate body hair, and freckles are cute! I love sushi. I don't like cold pasta salad but i will eat macaroni and cheese. Beer makes me urinate to much, whiskie gets me to drunk, and wine makes me feel real good! Although I live in the North right now the cold is just not me, anything below 45 is just too cold. I love to go barefooted when possible and I own 6 pairs of flipflops. I enjoy fishing, prospecting, camping,gardning, building. hiking, conoeing, dancing and pretty much anything outdoors. I'll try anything, maybe I'll like it maybe I wont, who's really to say. I basically grew up on my own as a child and learned early how to survive in ollot of different environments, from the woods to the city. I know what flowers smell like and I know what cow dung smells like. I've been upside down before and rightside up, walked to the left,walked to the right, always kept my heart in sight, and rarly stray from the middle. I've had my heart broken and I've broken a few myself. When all is said and done I have no regrets at all for anything I've done or been involved in. I'm just a normal guy trying to find a normal Gal to be with. Look forward to talking to you!