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mark carter
Post     Subject: winter camping

I have tried snow caves, worked out fine.
On this camp there were about 20 campers from all over michigan and other states, some times canada too. Folks from wintertrekker, hammock forum and bushcraft forum.
 There were at least four hot tents, and a dozen hammock campers.
 Two weeks ago we did another camp, were we just used hammocks, total pack weight 23 lbs.
 Favorite time to camp, free camping, no crowds, no bugs, and with hammocks i have camped on hill sides and swamps, hard to tell we were ever there.
 My hammock allows me to get a good nights sleep, its bug proof and comfortable, great for older campers with back issues like me.
 I use a top quilt, and underquilt to stay warm.
Working on a new hammock hot tent so i can use my woodstove and sleep in my hammock, will post pictures of it when complete.
Buzz Tatom
Post     Subject: winter camping

What a great hobby to have. I too enjoy winter camping. Once hunting season rolls around I usually spend a week out elk hunting in Montana. I use a similar set up as you with a wall tent and a nice wood stove for those cold winter nights. Another form of winter camping I've participated in is snow caving. A group of us went out and found some large snow drifts out in the backcountry and dug down and into the snow drifts. Once the entrance is made you start constructing the inner portion of your snow cave. It is a time and labor-intensive process. Every piece of snow that is extracted to create the area you sleep in must be throw out of the initial tunnel. Once the cave is constructed you can move your things in and get ready for bed. The beauty of snow caves is that the air temperature inside of the cave will generally be 20-25 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Don't get me wrong, it's still a cold night sleep and will test your will power. Snow caving is pretty unconventional but may be of interest to someone like yourself who enjoys winter camping.
mark carter
Post     Subject: winter camping

my hobby is winter camping, snowshoes and toboggan, I make my own pulks and toboggans. we travel to the northern lower of Michigan and set up tents and woodstoves. stay for a week or weekend.