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Leonard Burdek Iii
Post     Subject: "Lye" from Ashes

A former neighbor had a 30 gallon wooden barrel he put the ashes from his wood stove into when he cleaned it. It had a hole drilled in it near the bottom and would pour water into it about a gallon at a time then catch it as it ran out. This along with the fat he had after butchering a hog was what his wife made soap from.
Glenn Herbert
Post     Subject: "Lye" from Ashes

It used to be a common household practice in rural areas to make your own soap, using lye from wood ash and fat from the pig you slaughtered...
Amit Enventres
Post     Subject: Lye from Ashes

I saw this and got wowed. I had no idea making "lye"was even possible, not to mention cheap and easy.