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Kelda Miller
Post     Subject: employers who hire permaculture grads

Hi all!

I've been working my butt off getting in letters for a grant we might get in Pierce County, WA to do permaculture trainings here. The last thing the powers-that-be need from us is a stack of letters from employers saying that they indeed do like to hire people trained in permaculture, and/or have had employees take a Permaculture Course and then duly given them a raise or promotion.


It's totally a different way of looking at permaculture, because I think we all know it's about so much More than just jobs. BUT, this is job-retraining money and the higher-ups feel that the 'unique' permaculture training platform is flexible, cheap, innovative and gets people grounded in systems thinking.

Anyway, I thought it wouldn't hurt to pick your brains about what other employers to ask.
So far we have 'yes' from UW-Tacoma, Cascade Land Conservancy, Tacoma Farmer's Market, Sean's Landscape Company, Wolfcamp, Marra Farms(Solid Ground), Raintree Nursery, Jenny Pell, Mariposa Naturescapes, A-1 Builders, GreenWorks Realty, Bastyr Herb Garden, Pierce County Solid Waste, Bios Design, WEdesign, Earthwise Excavation/Wise Earth Organics, Grow Food, Zestful Gardens

Very highly 'yes' from Terry's Berries, Tagro, Seattle Tilth's Farm Incubator Program, La Biondo Farm and Kitchen

And then I/we have asked but not yet heard back confirmed: MetroParks Tacoma, Seattle Parks and Rec, Jeff Kraus (solar hot water), Terra Flora, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Jacqueline Cramer, Green Darner Design Company, Waste Connections, Milgard School of Business, Energy Transitions NW, Tacoma-Pierce Health Dept, Washington Technology Center, Mother Earth Farm/Little Eorthe Farm, Marlene's Market, L'Arche, Capers, Europa, Primo Grill, Left Foot Organics, Calendula, Terra Organics, Tahoma Farms

Asked, but can't for different reasons: Pierce College, Cheryl the Pig Lady, Terra Phoenix, Green Island Landscaping

What else? Any Washington state business owners out there who wouldn't mind signing a letter on our behalf? If so, I can get you more info.