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duane hennon
Post     Subject: Re: Value of a 25 year old Trumpet Vine?

trumpet vine starts easily from root cuttings
so if he digs it out, he probably will leave some roots, which will become new vines
a win-win if you're willing to have a smaller vine for a while
Emerson White
Post     Subject: Re: Value of a 25 year old Trumpet Vine?

If it's your vine then it ought to be worth what ever you are willing to take to part with it. It could be "worth" $15 but you might enjoy it so much that to you it's worth $250. Figure how much cash would make you whole, give him a larger figure and let him haggle down to your sell price. If he can get another plant that nice somewhere else for less than the price you are willing to sell at then let him.
dano812 McCoy
Post     Subject: Value of a 25 year old Trumpet Vine?

Hello, this is my 1st time to this site, a friend said this would be the best place to get an answer. I have a very mature and actually well contained Trumpet Vine in my backyard that has grown up and around a metal clothes line pole. I wish I had a picture of it in bloom, it is very dead looking right now (Minnesota winter).

Here is my question... a guy stopped by today and said he has been eyeing the plant for a few years and wants to buy it. He will come and "try" to dig it up and transplant it. He offered $75. I am wondering what the value of that might be... I am thinking much more then $75.

If anyone has an idea.. without a visual.. let me know. I could take a picture of it this week but it will just be a big twisted brown mess. Actually probably white after the spring snow storm we are supposed to get tomorrow.

Any advise is appreciated! Thanks much,

Dan Rollins
Minneapolis, MN