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William Schlegel
Post     Subject: good flour corn variety for Australia (we cannot import!)

I don't know what's available in Australia and searching is a good first step but if you can't find a suitable variety you should be able to make one in three years using techniques found in books like Carol Deppes " breed your own vegetable varieties" if you already have a suitably tall variety of sweet corn that you already grow which does well for you.

There are 6 basic types of corn. Flour, flint, dent, sweet, popcorn , and pod corn.

As Bryant mentions the first three are all commonly grown as grain corns. They vary in their culinary qualities but also in their suitability to different climates. I like true flour corns in my climate and for my culinary purposes but I live quite near to where the variety "painted mountain" was developed. Painted mountain is another short flour corn- if it happens to be available in Australia.

The neat thing is that if you cross a short flour corn with a tall sweet corn you should be able to select for a tall flour corn in the F2. So first year you make the cross. Second year you grow the F1 hybrid, and third year you grow the F2. In the F2 you should be able to select for primarily flour type kernels and be on your way towards a flour corn with tall stalks. It may take a few more years to perfectly stabilize it with no sweet kernels. While on your journey towards the flour corn of your dreams you can still eat it. Flour corn can be eaten like sweet corn in the milk stage- it's not sweet but it's still good with butter. In one of his books Gene Logsdon mentions that if he needed corn and could grow only one type he might grow sweet corn- he says you can still grind the dried kernels into grain and that they make excellent corn bread. So dried or in the milk stage the hybrid and mixed kernel type corns would still be good and edible.

I seem to be able to grow short flour and grain corns with little difficulty but Joseph Lofthouse found that his were much more prone to predation so he bred his grain corn to be tall as you need.

Bryant RedHawk
Post     Subject: good flour corn variety for Australia (we cannot import!)

Try to find a corn that is "Flint" type, these are smooth topped kernels and make the best flour and meal.
Dent corn can be used but it will not have the "character" that Flint corn has flavor wise.

Angelika Maier
Post     Subject: good flour corn variety for Australia (we cannot import!)

Hi to the Aussies, I planted one of the few flour corns available in Australia, something dark kerneld and very low growing. since I didn't get around to weed at time, the weeds did grow higher than the corn.
Anyway the mice love low growing corrns. So what other options of flour corn are there available in Australia? Not sweetcorn. And it has to be higher. Our climate is cool mountains.