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xenon281 McCoy
Post     Subject: IC in Baytown, TX - Looking for new members

I have five acres, in Baytown, TX. The two others who were living here onsite are leaving in July. I am looking for new members. I have a 32+ ft Wildcat fifth wheel on a pad next to the house that a person or couple can live in, and am open to having another housemate in a fully furnished bedroom in the house, for the right person.

People with their own fifth wheels and park models are also welcome.

While this is an older (50 yo) home, and I have tried to greenify in some ways, we are much more into the "intentional" and shared resources than into the "eco" on this property - due the expense of retrofitting in some regards, and due to the county restrictions. We have been using some permaculture to grow food last year (about 20%). This year we are late planting, due to the non-participation of members.

I am NOT looking for renters, nor am I looking for desperate people. In addition, this is NOT co-housing or a co-operative. I am a property owner, as is another person in the IC.

I am looking for a responsible person or couple who is at a point in their life/lives where:

  • [li]He/she/they are looking to live in a cooperative environment, supporting each other boldly, having fun, being productive, and making a difference in our own backyard;[/li]
    [li]He/she/they are clean, and would appreciate assisting in cleaning the property and keeping it up in exchange for room and board[/li]
    [li] He/she/they like to do some outdoors work, and would be provided with equipment and tools to do so[/li]
    He/she/they are self-studiers and self-starters, and MAY be interested in investing their own TIME and LABOR to develop lines of business, such as boutique natural egg production, greenhouse growing baby vegetables and herbs, raising goats, and other interests, being able to share in the profits

  • Details of what we are doing is at - many different lifestyles are welcome, so be open-minded! Thanks for reading!