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Joylynn Hardesty
Post     Subject: Cub Cadet mower-Help!


The @$%^&%$#@% just wants all permies know that I'm dumb! Fill up that tank!

I don't know if this is relevant, but I pushed the @#@#^$&* to a flatter surface, in the shade. After it pouted a couple hours, it finished the job.

EDIT to add: When I got back out there, i could see the gas in the front fuel filter.
Joylynn Hardesty
Post     Subject: Cub Cadet mower-Help! Solved.

My saint if a neighbor just fixed our mower. Yay! The grass is nice and dry today, so out I went to get it done. It's an old mower, and likes to go slooow. I obliged. It started doing that thing when it sounds like it will stall out due to tall or thick grass. It's not that tall or thick. I pushed it out into a previously mown section and try to re-start it. It didn't start. This has sometimes been a problem in the past that is solved by letting it sit an hour or so to pout. I let it do so.

I went back out in hopes of finishing the job. I cranked it, nope, it's not done pouting. I give it a couple more minutes, meanwhile, I checked the gas tank (When I started, I thought there was enough in there!) It's out, or very low. So i put some more gas in it. And I try it again. I peeked at the fuel filter near the engine, and I do not see any gas pulsating through it. This thing has an electric fuel pump.

Am I supposed to do something to prime the pump?

My best neighbor ever is off at work, shame on him!