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Nicole Alderman
Post     Subject: IPad for a 12 Year Old?

Tee-hee, this reminds me of all the creative ways my grandmother would give us cash for our birthdays/Christmas. I asked for dishes one year, and she put the cash in an extra cup she had; one year she tucked money into into a brick for my brother; put money in a CD case; decorated a box to look like a treasure chest when my husband wanted money for his aquarium hobby; put it in a book, etc. Every year she has some clever way to give us money.

We've kind of taken on that tradition: I'd wanted a video game one year, and my brother made a mock case of it and put money it it; my husband wanted aviator glasses, so my brother made origami sunglasses and put money in them; instead of buying my mom a book, he made her a tiny pretend book with the cover of the book she wanted with money inside it; etc. One year, my brother asked for a "foam exercise matt"--spelled just like that. So, I got a chunk of foam that we had lying around, cut it into to the shape of a man, drew exercise clothes with a sharpie on it, and gave it to to my brother with a little card saying it was Foam Exercise Matt .

I can imagine my family giving an "I pad" like that (if such things had been around when I was younger), and just tucking a few dollars inside the pad. If we didn't check the inside of the pad, it would be our loss!
Joylynn Hardesty
Post     Subject: IPad for a 12 Year Old?

You are soooo bad!
Mark Brunnr
Post     Subject: IPad for a 12 Year Old?

At least she'll have something to soak up those tears!
Travis Johnson
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My daughter begged me for an IPAD for her 12th birthday. I do not think she was too happy with the IPAD I got her though! :-)