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L Hodgson
Post     Subject: Seeking family friendly communities around Maryland (updated)

I'm giving another shot at posting this, since I had trouble yesterday.

I have been a helper and caretaker before in various settings. I have acquired several homemaking skills, cook, garden, practice (and continue to study) permaculture principles, and value natural living and building techniques.

This is an overview of my skills and we can talk more in a PM about our needs and goals.

I have seen first and secondhand some models from other communities that I'm keeping their setups in mind, both learning from their mistakes and the things they're going to creatively solve problems. I would like to get plugged in with a place that would offer the option within the agreement to own a pot of land, contribute in other forms of money and labor. I'm thinking very collaborative.

I'm interested to hear your response and what your vision is.