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Alexander Levy
Post     Subject: Let Us Harvest Together in Varieties

[size=24]To a Specific human,
I have the moral pleasures of starting an ideal which necessitates your backing:
Gathering under a roof,
We unite in building self-sustaining circumstances with naturalism.
We manage a foreign and tropical landscape to realize the vital outdoor crafts of land permanence.
We invite refugees who aspire to produce a community centered around the farm.
We recognize the local ways leading into sustainability.
We operate in accordance with the “environmentalism” science speaks of today requiring as the next resort for humankind.
We reproduce socio-economic systems which support the constructions of ‘green means toward shared ends.’
We seek out the selfish acts of work and play with no occupation except befriending healthy bodies.
We subsist off a seasonal and preserved diet.
We incorporate no objects functioning as computers or mirrors.
We condemn parting for the city for physical issues alike.
We manifest the togetherness of like-minded and laboring worldly folk achieving our practical independence.

Ethical culture amidst the present society legitimizes this way of material regression and social progression. Animosity or disdain of the technological climate is currently demanding intuitive socialist anarchy by humans all degenerating the biosphere.
But, why lose your deepest beliefs when self-determination has room in the wild?
Our biology is remarkably the same as the archaic peasants who sufficed two thousand years ago on the greens and grains and grapes moving through cohesive zonal homesteads. Essential neighbors would structure economies using much more ecological materials: a humane culture.
The passionate to go here will dedicate their enlightened life with conscientious efforts (e.g. collecting firewood, joining big digs, building own’s house) in order to consume. They will prevail and never look back.
So, if you contain a handy skillset which can support our town-building in the rainforest, please consider questioning how you align with the movement. We should consider many regions on the equator as options; as I speak Colonial French, I would prompt D.R. of Congo but especially French Guiana.
Personally, I have a couple years with intensive gardening all while studying the various techniques of wholistic permanent agriculture. Strong neck, arms and legs.
I can’t do this alone whatsoever.
What might you offer and provide?
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