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Kat deZwart
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@John, nope, Oranjeboom is from the Rotterdam/Breda area, that's about 140 km from here (and in the Netherlands, that is a big distance )  I'm a few km from the German and Belgian borders, and both those countries make far better beers than (most) Dutch breweries IMHO. Loads of other breweries around though, but I'm brewing my own (gonna get a batch going this afternoon in fact).

@Hugel, an hour drive by car, means half an our if I get out my motorcycle

Thanks for the welcome!
John Polk
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Welcome "kaas cap".  Lots of good info here to help you along the path.
Are you in the "Oranjeboom beir" region?
Michael Radelut
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Someone from within an hours drive (not that I have a car, but still...) !
Welcome to Permies !
Kat deZwart
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Hi there,

I found this forum a while back after I followed a link on youtube. I was watching the vid of Alexia Allen sending of her chicken (to the stockpot) and somehow it struck me as so natural and "right". I've been lurking here in the shadows for some time now and I decided to sign up. So here I am. Cat's the name, living in the Netherlands with boyfriend, one cat, two pet-rabbits and a few stray chickens that decided to move in on their own. We own a house on a small piece of land in a rural environment, and piece by piece i'm transforming it into a tiny selfsufficient home. Wanna know more, just ask... I'll be chiming in in other discussions as well, so see you around!