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hvala Hatfield
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figs make great jam that doesnt need sugar, but only problem is seed is full of oil which makes jam not lasting long. but theres a way of straining seed and than cooking juice to jam, this needs some time but jam lasts for months.
Thekla McDaniels
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you could try mixing the bland figs with strong flavored fruits like rhubarb or strawberries, jam or sauce to eat.  You could dry them and chop them and use them as you would raisins, just always adding at least one other more strongly flavored thing you like.

wish I had some 
Leila Rich
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Assuming you're leaving the fruit till it basically drops into your hand,
it sounds like the tree might not get enough sun.
Figs generally need a massive amount of sun to make tasty fruit.

Kirk Hutchison
Post     Subject: What to do with Bland Figs

    In a neglected corner of our yard, behind a shed, sandwiched between a concrete slab and a stone wall, grows a large fig tree. It volunteered itself there several years ago, and we just left it. Every year, it produces a lot of figs, but they seem too bland to be worth eating fresh. Am I ignorant of proper fig harvesting times/indoor ripening, or is this simply because it is a feral tree? Would the figs work well in baking or jams? Any input appreciated, since it is a shame to let so much food go to waste.