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Tim Canton
Post     Subject: Re: Chicken Paddock question

the issue is inside around the feeder and the doorway.........I would like to move the food outside but a range feeder thats moveable is 100 bucks.....

obviously there is shade provided by the coop  but I dont think thats the issue.    Ill try the straw when I move the coop and see how that works.....was also thinking about raking and seeding the bad spot after moving since I want to improve the pasture anyway??  Thanks
Rob Sigg
Post     Subject: Re: Chicken Paddock question

I only have 4 birds, but I do the same thing. My coop is not in the paddock though, but its connected to it. The paths that lead to the coop get somewhat worn, but I noticed they only hang out there just before dark and if there are predators around/above. Do you have anything(apart from the food)  that would be causing them to stay close to the coop instead of foraging?

I dont know if this is realistic, but maybe a small food/water station not in the coop but still moveable and away from the coop? I think the straw would work inside, but I think your issue is outside the coop, no?
John Polk
Post     Subject: Re: Chicken Paddock question

How about a couple inches of straw in the coop.  Then when you move the coop, just scatter the straw around a bit.  It should break down fairly quickly with all of the manure on it.
Tim Canton
Post     Subject: Chicken Paddock question

I am wondering if anyone else has run into this and if so how they handled it....I use electric netting which creates a 1500 sq ft area and I rotate that over 6 different setups.  Moving it every 6-8 days.  The paddock itself does fine, they dont keep bare spots, grow back fast, there is still plenty left when I move them.

EXCEPT  where the coop is.  There feed is in there and they sleep in there water is outside and door open 24/7.  Around the feeder and the path out the door get destroyed in 3 days and arent coming back as quick......  I thought about putting food outside but keeping it dry is an issue.  I even moved the coop in the paddock this now i have 2 less beaten but still beaten spots.    Maybe a poop boards under the roosts?  but that means cleaning poop.

I am open to ideas.....

There are currently 15 birds in there.  I had up to 30 earlier in summer.