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Betty Garnett
Post     Subject: How to meet girls. Things every young guy should know.

Paul Petrea wrote:

Dale Hodgins wrote:My most recent example of a well-timed flirtation, happened at a restaurant. A lady quickly removed her jacket, while remarking to her friend, that she was too hot. I was seated at the next table. She took it off and sat down 2 feet from me. A crowded place. I said, removing that jacket hasn't helped, I think it's your eyes that are making you so hot. Then I turned to her friend, and said, what do you think? I think it's the eyes. In your case, it's definitely the sweater. It All Happened very quickly and then that was it. An opportunity to engage with two pretty women, presented itself and in less than 5 seconds, I had both of them smiling. This didn't turn into a steamy threesome, and I wasn't expecting it to. In fact I wasn't expecting anything. This minor opportunity presented itself and I automatically responded. I went about my business on the phone, while they chatted. When they got up to leave, both said nice meeting you. The jacket went back on, so I said, now you're even hotter! And both ladies departed with a smile.

Hitting on women who were too polite to tell you how they really thought. And here we are, with you telling us all about your happy, devoted relationship with your Filipino girlfriend. I cannot help but wonder how she would feel about such an interaction.

Interesting one. I think if Dale and his women are strong and secure, that this is innocent enough.  He made some ladies smile. Now if he acted on it, then that's bad.
Jealousy is a wasted emotion and if you can't trust a man, don't be with him.