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Heidi Schmidt
Post     Subject: how do I get the hugelkultur article into the brains of 50 million people

I see this is an old post, but the information still needs to be shared, so...

I have a little idea. Not one to reach millions, but smaller numbers that may be inspired to action.

One of my goals on my acre is to build it into something like a display garden/yard. I'm still in very early stages, but I hope that a decade down the road, I'll be able to open my land to visitors (on garden tours, or to buy art and veggies and tour the land as part of that.) By having that as one of my goals, I'm motivated to do my very best work because the more amazing it ends up being, the more I can inspire visitors to try a different way. And when people see things up close and personal, and they talk to you and get their questions answered, and they feel awe ("you barely water AND have 20 kinds of fruit growing here AND veggies of every kind?!")... they are more likely to want to try it for themselves. I think this has the potential to impact people in a deeper way.

Yes, for me this is a long term project and I'm not there yet, but I bet there are plenty of people who are so much further along in their journeys and have established hugelkulture beds/properties... these people should consider opening up to visitors on garden tours. And be there to talk and educate one on one.
nancy sutton
Post     Subject: how do I get the hugelkultur article into the brains of 50 million people

Follow up to the National Contest for best College Project.. see page 7 here ... the Permaculture Project at Amherst College won!  Got 60,000 votes... FAR moe than any other.  Here's a TED talk with an excellent review of what it was and how they did it.  A good how-to video to share with a newbie, as an intro to Permaculture.

joshua cockroft
Post     Subject: how do I get the hugelkultur article into the brains of 50 million people

I feel there is an opprotunity to spread the idea of hugelkultur via social media to start- up young community gardens. new community based garden pop up in cities across the gobal annually, most of these gardens create social media pages very early in there development. If these gardens/ media groups could became awhere of hugelkultur and persuaded to create a single hugel as pracites could create a buzz back to said community socail media page and linked article . I'm personally developing a community garden and have installed micro hugels and buried wood plots, Im hoping the these radically diffrent examples of gardening will attact buzz to our media page and in return create awareness about permaculture.
Rick English
Post     Subject: how do I get the hugelkultur article into the brains of 50 million people

Question: which analytics tool are you using?

Observation: Direct/None sounds like you might be using google analytics. Google analytics, and most other analytics tools, put traffic in the Direct/None bucket when they can't figure out a referrer. It may be that somebody typed in the url directly, or it may also be some type of glitch in some web code sending traffic to the page and blocking referrer information to the log files or to the tracking script (depending on your analytics tool).

Offer: I would be glad to take a stab at figuring out what is causing this spike in traffic, but I need some type of access to the analytics system or log files. I have been doing web anayltics for the past 15-ish years, so I might have a few tricks to try to figure it out (Google Analytics, Webtrends, ClickTracks, Coremetrics, etc.). I am in the minion forum, have done some small things for Cassie, and will keep my eye on my email in case you want to send me a moosage. I give my word to treat all data as confidential.

Hope that helps!