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Tom Underhill
Post     Subject: Acorns for Many Uses

Ginger Keenan wrote:Oil content and other nutrition info here:

A study by French and Algerians comparing fat content of acorns and pistachios.

"three dominant fatty acids found are:
palmitic C16:0 (16.3–19.5%), saturated
oleic C18:1 (55.3–64.9%), mono-unsaturaed (oleic acid is named for its dominance in olive oil
linoleic C18:2 (17.6–28.4%)"

Acorn oil has a fatty acid profile similar to olive oil. YMMV according to source.

Here is the link to the study mentioned above. Thanks to permies for facilitating easy hypertext.
Dave Burton
Post     Subject: Acorns for Many Uses

I saw these two videos on YouTube and thought these would good to share with you all on this thread.

At his channel, Eat the Weeds, he talks about a lot of different plants, their uses, and more.
Adrien Lapointe
Post     Subject: Acorns for Many Uses

I have used both burr oak and northern red oak to make flour and they are different but both work well.