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Roberta Radons
Post     Subject: Advice on first time peach tree blooming

I know this is an old post...but im in MB Canada and would love to try to grow some seedlings from your peach tree!
if you read this, the reverse is my emailll.... I'd love to hear from you!

Bruce Woodford
Post     Subject: Advice on first time peach tree blooming

Hi Meg,
I'm no pro on peach trees and this one was totally affected or infected with leaf curl this summer. When I realized how much sap each of those swollen and deformed leaves was robbing from the tree, I just decided to pull them ALL off.  Once I was done the foliage was pretty sparse, but that as the end of the leaf curl for this season anyway.  I was wondering, has anyone here experimented with spraying peach trees with colloidal silver early in the spring to seek to curb the curl?