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Gilbert Fritz
Post     Subject: Shippable cores - progress report

Congratulations on getting the business up and running!
Brian James
Post     Subject: Shippable cores - progress report

Hi Mark,

I’m no expert on eBay but it sounds like you need to create a new account with the Montana address associated with it so eBay will allow you to make a purchase. We do not ship outside the continental US at this point so it sounds like their software is kicking out your current account due to the address currently associated with it.

We will not be making a one piece vacuum formed ceramic fiber mold as a core unless there is demand for one because of the high initial molding and tooling costs. Unless there is a demand for quite a few of these the molding costs would make the price per unit too high. We do not offer any refractory castings for the firebox.


mark tompkins
Post     Subject: Shippable cores - progress report


First I wish to congratulate you on your progress and achievements so far.

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2.  I tried to buy a heater core, but your ebay listing wont let me.  It wont let me ask a question either.  I am from Kanada, and the default destination address is my billing address in Alberta.  I wish to ship to SweetGrass, Montana 59484.  

3.  I am unsure whether you will be selling a casting in the future, or just what you are selling right now.  I would prefer a casting of the core if one should come available.