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Forum Name Topic Topic Starter Last Post
hugelkultur Slash piles, rotting wood hugels Fredy Perlman 43 minutes ago
Fredy Perlman
workshops 4 WEEK PERMACULTURE IN PRACTICE Internship in Spain Roman Gonzo 3 hours ago
Roman Gonzo
workshops SYNTROPIC AGROFORESTRY WORKSHOP with NAMASTE MESSERSCHMIDT from BRAZIL in Spain - 22nd to 24th June Roman Gonzo 3 hours ago
Roman Gonzo
permaculture best big Amaranth for popping? Bethany Dutch 10 hours ago
Bethany Dutch
cob Cob workshop Jen Reilly 11 hours ago
Jen Reilly
soil Measuring the Percentage of NPK in your soil/compost Jason Fay 14 hours ago
Jason Fay
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Handyman-woman for Permaculture Farm in Uruguay ernesto shust 15 hours ago
ernesto shust
trees Alley Cropping with Entertainment as the Alley Crop Terry Paul Calhoun 18 hours ago
Terry Paul Calhoun
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding The official Seed and Plant Source Review Grid r ranson 1 day ago
r ranson
rocket mass heaters Batch Rocket Mass Heater Plans Matt Walker 1 day ago
Matt Walker
goats, sheep and llamas Artificially insemination of dairy goats as an alternative to keeping a Billygoat? Markus Meszaros 2 days ago
Markus Meszaros
rocket mass heaters Supersized water heat storage Anthony Friot 2 days ago
Anthony Friot
soil Lack of diversity of bacteria in the soil John Saltveit 3 days ago
John Saltveit
ducks and geese Recovering from weasel attack Liz Hammond 3 days ago
Liz Hammond
intentional community 20+year experienced Weldor/fabricator looking for community to be of value Roberto Johnson 3 days ago
Roberto Johnson
permaculture singles 57 yr young transgender woman looking for homesteading companion Tim Ottaviani 3 days ago
Tim Ottaviani
online learning Tomatoes...LIVE Today! From BK Farmyard's Stacey Murphy Karen Donnachaidh 3 days ago
Karen Donnachaidh
permaculture singles SM Looking for someone to live with who can teach me how to live the permie life. Garret Wray 3 days ago
Garret Wray
rocket mass heaters About to start mortaring, any comments before I do? david pittaway 3 days ago
david pittaway
rocket mass heaters The Politician's RMH Mike Dinsmoor 4 days ago
Mike Dinsmoor
roundwood and timber framing Noah Bradley's Log Cabin Academy reviews, or possible alternatives. Conor Haley 4 days ago
Conor Haley
uk and ireland UK and Ireland swap shop natasha todd 4 days ago
natasha todd
uk and ireland Rabbit market UK and Ireland natasha todd 4 days ago
natasha todd
permaculture singles Homestead in SW Michigan seeking Roommate Gerald Henderson 4 days ago
Gerald Henderson
intentional community Free place to live in Maine Bill Andrychowski 4 days ago
Bill Andrychowski
missoula availability of Yeomans plow Marianne Spitzform 4 days ago
Marianne Spitzform
intentional community seeking rad womyn who want to permaculture homestead in MO kim dandelion 5 days ago
kim dandelion
art Living Flora Buildings anthony crain 5 days ago
anthony crain
roundwood and timber framing Log hewing w/ the crown attached S Bialecki 5 days ago
S Bialecki
california MAR. 8 The Santa Barbara Film Premiere of Evolution of Organic with filmmaker Mark Kitchell 2018 wesley roe 5 days ago
wesley roe
natural fibers and materials Knitting Amanda Launchbury-Rainey 5 days ago
Amanda Launchbury-Rainey
earth bag Sustainable Life School is hosting some earthbag building workshops this year. Morgan Caraway 6 days ago
Morgan Caraway
chickens Paulownia and Mimosa seeds. William Bronson 1 week ago
William Bronson
solar DIY Solar Workshop Mona Lewis 1 week ago
Mona Lewis
jobs offered Assistance needed in Portugal Cayo Seraphim 1 week ago
Cayo Seraphim
trees Purple Robe Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) Scott Foster 1 week ago
Scott Foster
medicinal herbs Chinese medicine question Wj Carroll 1 week ago
Wj Carroll
cascadia Looking for Olympia area space with room for chickens! Megan Mary 1 week ago
Megan Mary
scythes Falci Scythes Catalog Ca.~1900 Benjamin Bouchard 1 week ago
Benjamin Bouchard