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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
homestead Good Youtubes for learning metal fabrication & repair skills 3 Joel Bercardin 1 day ago
Joel Bercardin
zero waste make reusable food storage wrappers 10 Mike Barkley 1 day ago
Judith Browning
solar Solar Air Conditioner and Heater 25 Rico Judas 1 day ago
admin na
ethics and philosophy !!!!!!!!! Need Apocalyptic Survival Advice. No Really. C5
[ 1, 2 ]
63 Ross Raven 1 day ago
Lucrecia Anderson
permaculture singles What Women Want 17 Dale Hodgins 1 day ago
Dale Hodgins
fruit trees Pear pruning issue 1 Tim Rhoads 1 day ago
Mike Jay
natural building Proper Post installation for heavy driveway gate 12 Susan Pruitt 1 day ago
Ryan Hobbs
dogs and cats Injectible Glucosamine -- A miracle drug for feeble arthritic old dogs/cats/horses/humans 0 Lucrecia Anderson 1 day ago
Lucrecia Anderson
soil Human Health and Soil 19 Anthony Saber 1 day ago
Kamaar Taliaferro
projects Pebblespring Farm (Port Elizabeth South Africa - 34 deg South)
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
143 Timothy Hewitt-Coleman 2 days ago
Timothy Hewitt-Coleman
meaningless drivel travelling with a typewriter 7 raven ranson 2 days ago
Sonja Draven
personal care How to Cut Your Hair or Others 20 Anne Miller 2 days ago
Rufus Laggren
meaningless drivel How life changes without cable TV! 20 Nathan Paris 2 days ago
S Bengi
chickens Raising broiler chickens without a heat lamp? 4 Kate Downham 2 days ago
Kate Downham
fencing Electric fence grounding question 6 Alan Legath 2 days ago
Alan Legath
food preservation green tomato preservation recipes? 17 Rebecca Norman 2 days ago
John Weiland
alternative energy mechanical energy storage
[ 1, 2 ]
58 Austin Shackles 2 days ago
Creighton Samuiels
online learning "Making small farms work" - quality online training - Ridgedale Permaculture Farm 5 Eivind Bjoerkavaag 2 days ago
Eivind Bjoerkavaag
rocket stoves Rocket stove - hot plate.
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
119 Fox James 2 days ago
Sebastian Köln
permaculture singles A challenge for a pioneering woman 0 Sebastian Köln 2 days ago
Sebastian Köln
gear Men's Leather Snake Boots by Guide Gear 11 Anne Miller 2 days ago
denise ra
trees Fruit Trees from Seed
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
92 Amit Enventres 2 days ago
Ben Zumeta
composting Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio of Entire Trees 3 Windy Huaman 2 days ago
Ben Zumeta
aquaponics Natural chemical cleaner for algae that can't be reached by hand 2 Brandon Wallace 2 days ago
Chris Kott
rocket mass heaters Rocket stove having issues smoking from wood feeder and not sucking? 28 Gino Di Serio 2 days ago
Shane Call
permaculture real estate Arizona 10 ACRE emerging Permaculture Site FSBO - $150K 2 Dean Howard 2 days ago
Dean Howard
tinkering with this site Add new category under 'Critters' 'Mosquitoes' or maybe 'Insects' 2 Michael Moreken 2 days ago
Michael Moreken
food preservation Build a standalone root cellar or dirt floor basement? 0 Bethany Dutch 2 days ago
Bethany Dutch
volunteer offerings Volunteer Caretaker Assistance on private Caribbean Island of Belize needed 0 Virginia Caye 2 days ago
Virginia Caye
fungi Edible Mycorrhizas 6 Neil Layton 2 days ago
Güneş Bodur
pollinators ! Please Help by Sharing What You Do to Help Our Pollinators 17 Anne Miller 2 days ago
Michael Moreken
alternative energy ! bragging: lower energy footprint
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
120 paul wheaton 2 days ago
Michael Moreken
permaculture One person Permaculture projects. 9 Scott Stiller 2 days ago
Anne Miller
composting composting question 8 Sonja Draven 2 days ago
Rebecca Norman
permaculture real estate Land for sale in McNab, AR - Hempstead County 3 seth carr 2 days ago
seth carr
tinkering with this site Permies ringtone and screensaver 0 Dale Hodgins 2 days ago
Dale Hodgins
dogs and cats Teach your dog to fetch firewood from the woods 2 Bethany Dutch 2 days ago
Dale Hodgins
frugality I cut 87% off of my electric heat bill 39 paul wheaton 3 days ago
Travis Johnson
financial strategy Starting a new permaculture farm in Italy, dream or reality 12 Lorenzo Costa 3 days ago
Galen Justus
plants Ask a botanist...
[ 1, 2 ]
56 Bob Dobbs 3 days ago
nikole sta. ana
homestead Is this normal for a Permie? Re: marriage
[ 1, 2 ]
61 Bethany Dutch 3 days ago
Gail Gardner
hugelkultur Mike's hugelkultur 4 Michael Moreken 3 days ago
Michael Moreken
projects Ludi's Projects 2018 16 Tyler Ludens 3 days ago
Tyler Ludens
meaningless drivel ! The simple pleasures of the day (please add your own)
[ 1, 2 ]
68 Craig Dobbson 3 days ago
Dave Burton
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Farmers Property Managment- pets n plants 0 Ariel Altagracia 3 days ago
Ariel Altagracia
urban Is anyone growing microgreens? 10 Ken W Wilson 3 days ago
Jan White
meaningless drivel funny signs
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
85 Dale Hodgins 3 days ago
S Tenorman
homestead Established perma-homestead for sale in Virginia 31 Marianne Cicala 3 days ago
Marianne Cicala
market garden Best way to start no dig on former dairy land ( grass and some weeds ) 6 Dereck Downey 3 days ago
John Duda
cooking Making chickpea flour at home (also called besan or gram flour) 29 raven ranson 3 days ago
Pearl Sutton
honey bees I present the PermaMeliponicultura and the Oscar Perone hive of automatic harvest 22 Oscar Perone 3 days ago
Oscar Perone
biochar What to do with scavenged bread: make biochar 3 William Bronson 3 days ago
Bryant RedHawk
ergonomics Going Shoeless: A discussion about barefoot living
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
125 Joseph Lofthouse 3 days ago
Joseph Lofthouse
biochar How to make BIOCHAR easy (Pit method) 1 Tristan Alexander 3 days ago
Tristan Alexander
crowdfunding Things I'm learning from my first Kickstarter 15 raven ranson 3 days ago
raven ranson
paul wheaton Rocket Ovens DVD as tiny download 10 paul wheaton 3 days ago
paul wheaton
frugality Financial Realities vs Waste 22 Pearl Sutton 3 days ago
Tina Hillel
meaningless drivel Scenery is the Ultimate Souvenir ... Would You Like to Share Your Favorite Place? 29 Anne Miller 3 days ago
Anne Miller
residual income streams a list of not quite residual income streams 8 paul wheaton 3 days ago
Jeff Sullivan
alternative energy Heat retention cooking with a solar panel, two pots and a silicon heater. 9 Mart Hale 3 days ago
Mike Barkley