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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
permaculture dry subtropical Mediterranean climate: Who has one? 16 Xisca Nicolas 2 days ago
Xisca Nicolas
permaculture Chestnuts in Western WA 1 Marcus Jeffries 2 days ago
Chris Holcombe
scythes scythe vs. string trimmer
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
152 paul wheaton 2 days ago
David Livingston
permaculture Swales in existing orchard? 5 rudyk McCoy 2 days ago
S. G. Botsford
earthworks swales in animal paddocks/ rotational grazing etc? 4 kadence blevins 2 days ago
Kym Orrock
composting where do the organisms that live in hot compost piles live without us (or compost pile birds) 13 Gilbert Fritz 2 days ago
Bryant RedHawk
butchery Removing hairs : like in tanning? 18 Xisca Nicolas 2 days ago
Bryant RedHawk
eastern usa Yet another Couple Looking for Land/ home/ farm in Va, near Charlottesville/ Mountains 3 Gabriel Grace 2 days ago
Gabriel Grace
science and research Probiotics help poplar trees clean up toxins in Superfund sites 1 duane hennon 2 days ago
Anne Miller
cooking what's for dinner?
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
168 Leah Sattler 2 days ago
Thyri Gullinvargr
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Breeding Localized Varieties of Sweet Potatoes 7 Joseph Lofthouse 2 days ago
Karl Trepka
cascadia Live and Learn Permaculture on the Oregon Coast 0 Coralee Palmer 2 days ago
Coralee Palmer
ponds Help designing pond 8 Yen Yus 2 days ago
Yen Yus
meaningless drivel moose 31 paul wheaton 2 days ago
Miles Flansburg
cover crops How to plant cover crops without tilling 7 John Natoli 2 days ago
Vern Life
permaculture singles 34 Male seeking female - Northeast Pennsylvania 11 Tom Dibble 3 days ago
Valisa DeMello
composting toilet Septic tank compostable? 9 Braulio Sanchez Garza 3 days ago
Tran Tuan
gardening for beginners Help Me Save My Garden (From Myself) 3 Derek Callihan 3 days ago
stephen lowe
homestead Army Tent as a short term solution to living space. 3 Josh Pilch 3 days ago
Jarret Hynd
permaculture asparagus seed 0 Ian Sullivan 3 days ago
Ian Sullivan
bicycle My Cargo Bike Upgrades 24 Ross Raven 3 days ago
John Saltveit
pasture ! Pasture restoration with horses 6 Katie Jarvis 3 days ago
Natasha Flue
composting Anyone want to talk about Farmers of Forty Centuries? 5 Gilbert Fritz 3 days ago
Natasha Flue
forest garden Good new resource for northern fruits and their uses..... 5 John Weiland 3 days ago
Jarret Hynd
rabbits Discouraging Pet Rabbit Using Patio as its Bathroom 1 P Lyons 3 days ago
Jim Fry
gardening for beginners Ongoing battle with ants. 12 Derek Callihan 3 days ago
Annie Lochte
bugs Disrupting the 2 year tick life cycle 22 James Freyr 3 days ago
Deb Rebel
dyeing Natural Dyeing with Queen Anne's Lace 6 r ranson 3 days ago
Joseph Lofthouse
bicycle Bike seat for men who want to reproduce! 21 Garry Hoddinott 3 days ago
Genevieve Higgs
horses, donkeys and mules Rotationally grazing horse 1 Katie Jarvis 3 days ago
Annie Lochte
rural Loneliness of country living
[ 1, 2 ]
54 3 days ago
Jane Southall
apple trees Espalier Training Question: Can I Graft Two Living Trees Together? What Will Happen? 10 Randy Bucher 3 days ago
Joseph Lofthouse
cattle Cattle Psychology and Electric Netting 2 Andre Lasle 3 days ago
Chris Barrows
ergonomics Running in Joy 35 Joseph Lofthouse 3 days ago
Talasi Caslin
ecovillage Looking for folks to Homestead with in Oregon (I have land) 0 Valisa DeMello 3 days ago
Valisa DeMello
urban New homeowner - permaculture interested 30 Lori Whit 3 days ago
Lori Whit
finishes Favorite plaster everything 0 Daniel Ray 3 days ago
Daniel Ray
wwoof hosts Cherry Plain Sanctuary Farm in the Northeastern corner of NY/VT/MA 0 Jules Harrell 3 days ago
Jules Harrell
tinkering with this site deleting stuff 7 paul wheaton 3 days ago
r ranson
meaningless drivel Understanding what it means "water at rest is always level..." 20 s wesley 3 days ago
r ranson
repair My top loading washer needs your help 14 Joylynn Hardesty 3 days ago
Bruce Blue
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Breeding for dew collection, or my experiments with dryland farming
[ 1, 2 ]
43 r ranson 3 days ago
Gilbert Fritz
tinkering with this site "my position" vs. "the truth" 4 paul wheaton 3 days ago
Harry Soloman
plant fibers ! Linen Flax - Flax plant for spinning and weaving
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
122 r ranson 3 days ago
Larisa Walk
meaningless drivel Facts about Truths 17 Burra Maluca 3 days ago
Harry Soloman
earth bag Earthbag Homes in it possible? anyone have one? 3 Wayne Blum 3 days ago
Mary Donaghy
rabbits Meat Rabbit Colony Plans 5 Mikki Sharpe 3 days ago
Linda Secker
vegan If a vegan friend visited you today, what could you make for them?
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
90 Burra Maluca 3 days ago
Burra Maluca
soil Chop and drop vs turning soil over 26 Stewy Stuadenwalt 3 days ago
Phương Trần
permaethos Announce !!!!! PermaEthos PDC - Huge Sale and Last Chance to Get In 7 Josiah Wallingford 3 days ago
Thyri Gullinvargr
soil Question about bottomland 7 Kurri Spiced 4 days ago
Ken W Wilson
homestead Desert Land Act 14 Thomas Hawk 4 days ago
sean lofland
hugelkultur good time of year to build a hugelkultur? 12 Judy Flader 4 days ago
Judy Flader
tinkering with this site How to Create a Habitat for Hummingbirds 9 Anne Miller 4 days ago
Jane Southall
natural building Dreams VS. Reality 8 Seth Wetmore 4 days ago
Boston Bb
tinkering with this site Why start a list of residual income streams with #801? 5 Joel Bercardin 4 days ago
paul wheaton
earthship General Earthship Dimensions 6 Jeremy Hillman 4 days ago
Elizabeth Wheeler