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trees Where to buy fruit and nut trees in Canada 6 r ranson 2 days ago
Douglas Campbell
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Farm Work/Stay Opportunity in Northeast Oregon! 2 Sue Miller 2 days ago
Sue Miller
cattle any good cheddar cheese recipes out there ? 6 Kristie Wheaton 2 days ago
radek gromek
cheese how to make cheese 16 paul wheaton 2 days ago
radek gromek
recycling ! mending our you?
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94 Judith Browning 2 days ago
Deb Rebel
cheese Cheese making supplies 4 r ranson 2 days ago
radek gromek
earth bag Is it a bad idea to build a rock cabin on top of an earthbag basement? 27 nick bramlett 2 days ago
Cass Tippit
ponds aquaculture pond in a high tunnel 5 Al Senner 3 days ago
Scott Foster
plants In search of paw paw seeds 14 Morgan Hay 3 days ago
duane hennon
gardening for beginners Walking onions? 13 Genevieve Higgs 3 days ago
Scott Foster
trees It's fall! Here's a great guide for the leaf peepers 6 Craig Dobbson 3 days ago
James Whitelaw
plants all about garlic!
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101 Leah Sattler 3 days ago
Kyle Emory
cattle How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change TED Talk 2 Scott Foster 3 days ago
Scott Foster
permaculture Vote for me to help me get my chickens please? 4 Heidi Embrey 3 days ago
Heidi Embrey
intentional community community/eco village supplies offered 1 Lemon Grass 3 days ago
Eric VonRaderson
projects Moved Vote for me to help me get my chickens please? 0 Heidi Embrey 3 days ago
Heidi Embrey
cooking Seeking Recipe's for deer meat
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43 Amber Phenneger 3 days ago
Nathan Jarvis
tinkering with this site !!!!! Issues with the podcast archives and appearing on apps 4 Karen Donnachaidh 3 days ago
Jocelyn Campbell
jobs offered Caretaking/Homesteading position at 20 year old permaculture fruit and nut tree homestead/Nursery 4 Corrina Cohen 3 days ago
Kat Vernon
homestead US Mid-Atlantic (Virginia) or Northeast (New York) for small scale farmingand homesteading? 3 Isabella Black 3 days ago
bob day
rocket mass heaters Rocket Mass Heater for a Greenhouse
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40 Joel Rutledge 3 days ago
Joel Rutledge
meaningless drivel Most Uses - Plants & Animals 1 Kaye Harris 3 days ago
Wes Hunter
earth bag New Member Paul 1 Tom Linson 3 days ago
Miles Flansburg
blatant advertising Like New Still in the Box Hydroponic Stuff 0 Daniel johnsen 3 days ago
Daniel johnsen
rocket mass heaters Rocket has to come back !!! 5 Dave Lot 3 days ago
Dave Lot
frugality stop the calls! 9 jim hughes 3 days ago
William Wallace
meaningless drivel Wood Fired Small Batch Artisanal Distilled Water... 4 William Bronson 3 days ago
James Freyr
meaningless drivel a totoro kind of day 3 Jocelyn Campbell 3 days ago
Jocelyn Campbell
ponds Permaculture in Russia: creating a pond system 6 Yury Smirnov 3 days ago
Yury Smirnov
frugality Homemade/Handmade gift ideas
[ 1, 2 ]
59 paul wheaton 3 days ago
thomas rubino
greenhouses topping a walipini with a traditional high tunnel 1 Marianne Cicala 3 days ago
Mike Jay
meaningless drivel Whoever you are, I want to thank you! 2 Allison Gessner 3 days ago
Eric Thomas
paleo beyond paleo - for health and weight loss
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82 Jocelyn Campbell 3 days ago
Anne Miller
forest garden Do you need to fertilize if you mulch 13 Laurence Keela 3 days ago
Panagiotis Panagiotou
permaculture singles 25 year old mama of a 3 month old boy seeking like minds 14 Sandra Harriette 3 days ago
Demitri Williams
permaculture singles 21 F in GA Looking for Friends to talk Permie With :) 8 Angelica Harris 3 days ago
Demitri Williams
permaculture singles S/F Seeks male or female like-minded friends and eventually permie/homesteading partner 9 Teea Sechrist 3 days ago
Demitri Williams
trees Cold hardy citrus seeds 31 Ken W Wilson 3 days ago
Janne Lassila
online learning The Advanced Permaculture Student Online Course 2 Marvin Weber 3 days ago
Isha Sharma
conservation It is 2017 and incandescent is still better than LED
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91 paul wheaton 3 days ago
William Wallace
grey water ph around grey water 4 Angelika Maier 3 days ago
Stacy Witscher
pigs Planting pig forage for spring 11 David Mcgowan Hicks 3 days ago
Walter Jeffries
tinkering with this site CENSORSHIP - Paul Wheaton requested
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61 John Abacene 3 days ago
s wesley
gear Bizarre tractor idea of the day 19 Pearl Sutton 4 days ago
Pearl Sutton
missoula Favorite Missoula Restaurants? 14 Robert Sunset 4 days ago
Rufus Laggren
fermentation Angry fermented cherry pepper 0 Craig Dobbson 4 days ago
Craig Dobbson
natural building You get a grant!, you get a grant!, everybody gets a grant! (Well if you're Danish) 6 Karen Herløv Horte 4 days ago
Skandi Rogers
wofati and earth berm Worried about rot/moisture in PSP 1 Christian Krog 4 days ago
Travis Johnson
plants Saving green bean seed 2 Ken W Wilson 4 days ago
Mike Jay
plants labeling a garden - search for permanent BIG labels 8 Angelika Maier 4 days ago
Chris Sargent
greenhouses Best way to move air heat into a water tank? 20 Gilbert Fritz 4 days ago
Sebastian Köln
permaculture singles 45 SWM seeking Organic/permaculture/off grid SWF partner 7 Scott Hoelscher 4 days ago
Alex Klein
food preservation Preserving Che (e.g., melon berry, Chinese Mulberry, Cudrang) 5 Will Stewart 4 days ago
Ken W Wilson
ancestral skills animism instead of alien nation, recovering the natural mind
[ 1, 2 ]
49 leila hamaya 4 days ago
David Livingston
electrical Looking for a direct current (DC) wiring resource 14 Nicola Marchi 4 days ago
Michel Bevan
electrical Electric inverter problems 6 Gregg Taylor 4 days ago
Michel Bevan
rocket mass heaters Would this design work? 5 Steven Williams 4 days ago
Steven Williams
tinkering with this site publishing standards
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
113 paul wheaton 4 days ago
jim hughes
cooking Meat Pies 12 r ranson 4 days ago
William Wallace