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hugelkultur Desert Hugelkultur Questions- SW CA 3 Sam Rosenthal 2 days ago
Tyler Ludens
projects Cutting roof, building flat roof, to make house shorter for moving. 2 Dale Hodgins 2 days ago
Dale Hodgins
crowdfunding Boston area Rocket Oven building workshop, any interest? 6 Kenneth Elwell 2 days ago
Kenneth Elwell
wind Need help installing Endurance wind turbine 6 Clara Hall 2 days ago
Clara Hall
cooking should I make my own sugar? 29 Ryan Hobbs 2 days ago
Lana Weldon
woodworking Pallet cabinet 4 Benen Huntley 2 days ago
Andy Parker
forest garden My brain is broken, need some help remembering... 2 Creighton Samuiels 2 days ago
Creighton Samuiels
mulch Weird fungi! Please help! 6 Michael Gomez 2 days ago
Michael Gomez
bugs The solution of Japanesse Beetles 4 Alex Riddles 2 days ago
Sean Rafferty
ontario Eastern Ontario roundup - hello world 2 Dan Box 2 days ago
Nick Kitchener
meaningless drivel “Vision for Regenerative Design (Scheme 1.0) – Dedicated to Richard Butler" by Willi Paul 0 Willi Paul 2 days ago
Willi Paul
trees pruning / training advice for cherry 0 S Usvy 2 days ago
S Usvy
homestead Self-sufficient in a Zombie Apocalypse
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59 Tatiana Trunilina 2 days ago
Scott Tenorman
gardening for beginners Bugs on zucchinis, can't identify 14 Christopher Hutchins 2 days ago
Bell Cedar Farm
meaningless drivel avoiding irrigation 13 John C Daley 2 days ago
Travis Johnson
organic What can I grow in England ?! 5 James Hadfield 2 days ago
James Hadfield
grey water Can you wash dishes without soap?
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69 Karen Briggs 2 days ago
Peter Chan
homestead greenbrier thickets 1 Paul Kurtz 2 days ago
Tyler Ludens
goats, sheep and llamas A goaty dilemma 11 Sam Potter 2 days ago
Sam Potter
cooking goodbye microwave
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47 r ranson 2 days ago
Liz Hills
projects Black Locust Fence posts 4 Andy Phelps 2 days ago
Mark Tudor
grey water Quality of the water coming out of a constructed treatment wetland 7 Daron Williams 2 days ago
Feidhlim Harty
grey water greywater moat?? 23 Bernie Farmer 2 days ago
Feidhlim Harty
animal fibers Felting a traditional yurt wall 4 r ranson 2 days ago
Sarah Koster
homestead Learning or living opportunity on a Northeast Georgia homestead.. 0 Billy Hill 2 days ago
Billy Hill
meaningless drivel dream big 9 paul wheaton 2 days ago
Sarah Elizabeth
cob Cob Stables 8 Rebecca Daws 2 days ago
Rebecca Daws
goats, sheep and llamas is there a breed of sheep that absolutely loves bermuda grass? 9 Judith Browning 2 days ago
Judith Browning
farm income anyone here make money from permaculture?
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281 Diego de la Vega 2 days ago
Steven Villa
dogs and cats Teg - Training a Welsh Sheepdog 27 Burra Maluca 2 days ago
Steven Villa
books Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds by Feidhlim Harty W Shawn Klassen-Koop 2 days ago
Feidhlim Harty
grey water * Welcome Feidhlim Harty author of Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds 16 r ranson 2 days ago
Feidhlim Harty
alternative energy steam engines 3 John Copinger 2 days ago
John Copinger
midwest usa Ohio Permies (people) and Ohio Resources
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58 Elissa Teal 2 days ago
bryan huber
meaningless drivel I want to write a book
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90 r ranson 3 days ago
r ranson
projects Reviving a Dead Pond 10 Joen leo 3 days ago
Marco Banks
medicinal herbs to sleep...perchance...and NOT dream?
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44 Gwen Lynn 3 days ago
Natasha Abrahams
ecovillage Best payment/exchange for help developing alternative homestead/ecovillage in Idaho? 0 Alicia Reed 3 days ago
Alicia Reed
ecovillage New to Permies. Younger Artist couple looking for small community NW coast-Ish ! 20 Shauns Webbers 3 days ago
Alicia Reed
rocket mass heaters Tiny House Cook Stove and Heater
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74 Matt Walker 3 days ago
Rick Mclain
cattle Feeding my cows trees
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111 Cj Sloane 3 days ago
dirk maes
earth bag Proper shell layers on earthbag dome in zone 7b 0 Rob Lineberger 3 days ago
Rob Lineberger
rocket mass heaters Bell material 36 Benen Huntley 3 days ago
Satamax Antone
plants Rodent-proofing planting with companion plants 5 Cristo Balete 3 days ago
Cristo Balete
grey water Reed Bed Protecting... 12 Chris Kridakorn-Odbratt 3 days ago
Cristo Balete
homestead Virginia Monoculture Pine Farm Permaculture Conversion? 2 Josh Garbo 3 days ago
Michael Dierne
rural Reccomended regions 1 vin jea 3 days ago
Amit Enventres
frugality How to Use Less Data on Satellite Internet--for non-satellite users, too! 20 Nicole Alderman 3 days ago
Mark Tudor
paul wheaton's permaculture podcasts ! podcast 401 - Permaculture Design Course for Scientists and Engineers 0 Adrien Lapointe 3 days ago
Adrien Lapointe
gardening for beginners Raspberry Growing Tips Needed Zone 8a 2 Hamilton Betchman 3 days ago
Hamilton Betchman
tinkering with this site getting a 20% kickback on my rocket oven kickstarter 19 paul wheaton 3 days ago
paul wheaton
hugelkultur Hügelbeet effect after 5000 years 1 J Grouwstra 3 days ago
Kyle Neath
grey water Reed bed for highly variable output 8 Bogdan Popov 3 days ago
Feidhlim Harty
grey water Converting existing septic system to constructed treatment wetland 5 Daron Williams 3 days ago
Feidhlim Harty
zero waste A Lesson Learned from a kitchen-scrap saving Renter of Apartments 3 Peter Chan 3 days ago
Feidhlim Harty
rocket stoves Rocket mass heater from Basement to main floor breakfast nook 4 Jesse Keller 3 days ago
Joshua Myrvaagnes
projects Stoney Edge: 32 acres in northwestern Vermont
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53 Ghislaine de Lessines 3 days ago
Ghislaine de Lessines
rocket stoves Rocket stove - hot plate.
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
91 Fox James 3 days ago
Fox James
pigs PIGS! 3 Zach Walker 3 days ago
thomas rubino
wheaton laboratories food and drink at the project
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
114 Jocelyn Campbell 3 days ago
Jocelyn Campbell