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tinkering with this site cfl video done 3 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
alternative energy CFL toxicity 29 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
meaningless drivel Holiday Gift Making, 2017 20 r ranson 2 days ago
Nicole Alderman
projects !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 12-day permie challenge 24 r ranson 2 days ago
r ranson
living art Garden picture exchange!
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500 Mark Boucher 2 days ago
Loxley Clovis
home care Cordless blower home cleaning 6 Dale Hodgins 2 days ago
Dale Hodgins
projects R's yarn projects (spinning, weaving, and natural dyeing) 12 r ranson 2 days ago
r ranson
rainwater catchment Best Underground Water Storage Options ? 19 chris florence 2 days ago
chris florence
religion and spirituality Christmas/Winter Traditions and Their Meaning to You 5 Nicole Alderman 2 days ago
Olga Booker
southern usa Permies around Columbia, SC? 14 Mari Stuart 2 days ago
Kai Rupe
earthworks Where to start with swale digging? 20 Richard Cleaver 2 days ago
Richard Cleaver
straw bale house Is cork flooring a good choice? 0 Felicia Adaniels 2 days ago
Felicia Adaniels
ecovillage community without wifi and electricity 3 anna bal 2 days ago
anna bal
rocket mass heaters Building a 7" J tube steel, air-cooled RMH in a steel bell 24 Bruce Woodford 2 days ago
Bruce Woodford
rocket mass heaters New no-cost convection oven on top of steel, air-cooled RMH saves on electricity 13 Bruce Woodford 2 days ago
Bruce Woodford
straw bale house Kudzu hay/straw for building? 2 Talena Epling 2 days ago
Ardilla Esch
rocket mass heaters Caution when using glass cook tops... 0 John Harrison 2 days ago
John Harrison
rocket mass heaters ceramic fiber board - what temperature rating do I need? 2 Burra Maluca 2 days ago
Burra Maluca
rocket mass heaters Tiny House Cook Stove and Heater 20 Matt Walker 2 days ago
Matt Walker
cooking $50 per week food budget
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87 Tyler Ludens 2 days ago
Skandi Rogers
fermentation Using honey to brew kombucha 1 Angela Corcoran 2 days ago
David Lynch
cooking it's zucchini time! 25 Jeanine Gurley Jacildone 2 days ago
Galadriel Freden
plants Siberian Peashrub seeds for sale from my forest garden (2017 harvest) 32 Craig Dobbson 2 days ago
Craig Dobbson
tinkering with this site the probation post feature
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78 paul wheaton 2 days ago
Burra Maluca
bread Recipes for Using a Bread Machine using Flour Substitutes (Gluten Free) 5 Anne Miller 2 days ago
David Livingston
books Suggestions for books for book summaries/reviews? 23 Judith Browning 2 days ago
Burra Maluca
tinkering with this site The promote-your-stuff-on-permies business 8 Cassie Langstraat 3 days ago
Mike Hall
gear Electric Snow blower 12 Adrien Lapointe 3 days ago
Addie R. Emerson
nomadic housing Quick cabin solution: yurt, tiny home, or travel trailer? 8 Jessica Wertz 3 days ago
Burra Maluca
personal care no make-up / natural beauty
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72 Jocelyn Campbell 3 days ago
Dale Hodgins
woodland Advice on regenerating tropical woodland 3 Michael Heyman 3 days ago
Miles Flansburg
wood burning stoves Keeping a wood stove going all night 37 john Britely 3 days ago
Mike Jay
guinea fowl Could pigeons be kept and considered somewhat essential like bees? 39 Wj Carroll 3 days ago
Wj Carroll
meaningless drivel The cough 0 Wj Carroll 3 days ago
Wj Carroll
honey bees Beesuits: To wear? Or not to wear? 9 David Smolinski 3 days ago
Joseph Lofthouse
soil Too much compost in the soil? Steve Solomon Intelligent gardener 24 Angelika Maier 3 days ago
Chris Kott
homestead Homesteading in Northern California or Oregon 10 Kristen Phillips 3 days ago
Stacy Witscher
composting !!!!!!!!!!!! My Journey through Fermentation, LAB, Cheesemaking, Korean Natural Farming, Humanure and Bokashi 9 Chad Sentman 3 days ago
Harry Soloman
rocket mass heaters An RMH Pyrology Question! 3 Bruce Woodford 3 days ago
Bruce Woodford
south america / central america / mexico Permaculture Design Course in Belize! 0 Marisha Auerbach 3 days ago
Marisha Auerbach
books Fertility Pastures - Herbal Leys as the Basis of Soil Fertility and Animal Health by Newman Turner 0 James Freyr 3 days ago
James Freyr
workshops Permaculture Design Course in Belize! 0 Marisha Auerbach 3 days ago
Marisha Auerbach
meaningless drivel The MEN and Women of the Permies Forum Sexy Calendar
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59 Dale Hodgins 3 days ago
Dale Hodgins
books Elderberries: The Beginner's Guide to Foraging, Preserving and Using by Alicia Bayer W Judith Browning 3 days ago
Judith Browning
small farm A complete plan change on our farm. Maybe. Ugh! 22 elle sagenev 3 days ago
Jack Tassoni
cattle Can it be done? 10 Alex Hofacker 3 days ago
Alex Hofacker
greening the desert Permaculture attempt in high desert of California
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111 Sam Fel 3 days ago
Mike Snyder
books Acorn Foraging by Alicia Bayer W Judith Browning 3 days ago
Judith Browning
bread Acorn Mush Preparation 25 Amit Enventres 3 days ago
Judith Browning
tinkering with this site please test updates for digital market gift stuff 16 paul wheaton 3 days ago
Judith Browning
art "Last Song @ Black Hole Lodge - Sound Journey #4" - Sonic-Storyboard & Video by willi 0 Willi Paul 3 days ago
Willi Paul
fruit trees Tamarind Seedlings Indoors (Winter Care??? Help!) 6 Latifah Bailor 3 days ago
Thanicha Chanchai
woodworking New woodworking plans 4 Rufus LaRossa 4 days ago
Martin Amell
financial strategy broken tools converted into yard art and other landscape art inspiration 19 paul wheaton 4 days ago
Judith Browning
permaculture singles Single and alone in Portugal! 5 Ruth Ramos 4 days ago
marco duijster
homestead Green Uprising Farm, Willits, CA - Opening available in our community 0 Sara Grusky 4 days ago
Sara Grusky
homestead Map resource for choosing where to live 5 Mike Jay 4 days ago
Justin Pittman
projects keyhole garden in summer drought
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70 r ranson 4 days ago
Jay Angler
homestead Its time Appalachia became abundant- will you join us? 21 christopher Sommers 4 days ago
christopher Sommers