I just dropped the price of
the permaculture playing cards
for a wee bit.



uses include:
- infecting brains with permaculture
- convincing folks that you are not crazy
- gift giving obligations
- stocking stuffer
- gambling distraction
- an hour or two of reading
- find the needle
- find the 26 hidden names


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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
ontario Looking for land ontario 2 Adam Calcafuoco 3 days ago
Adam Calcafuoco
plants How To Use Hibiscus Tea 2 aly eva 3 days ago
Henry Ikeme
gear Blacksmithing for a sustainable future 6 Jenny Smith 3 days ago
Jenny Smith
trees Grubs in Chestnuts 4 Marcus Billings 3 days ago
Marcus Billings
soil Losing topsoil 4 Stefanie Chandler 3 days ago
Travis Johnson
passive solar window ledge solar collectors 0 Tom Connolly 3 days ago
Tom Connolly
wood burning stoves Affordable way to add mass to existing woodstove? 31 Nicole Alderman 4 days ago
Roy Clarke
natural building Dreams VS. Reality 17 Seth Wetmore 4 days ago
Jese Anderson
earthworks fishscale terracing 0 Liz Hoxie 4 days ago
Liz Hoxie
alternative energy Why so many charge controllers? 6 Joe Wamsley 4 days ago
Joe Wamsley
homestead Unique Opportunity for Homesteaders who are ready to build their dream homestead but don't have $$.
[ 1, 2 ]
42 Phil Shenke 4 days ago
Roddey Cooper
homestead Looking for a Homebase Homestead 2 Richard Weeks 4 days ago
Richard Kastanie
cascadia Looking for farm land - SW Washington State 5 Dede Sonntag 4 days ago
Tina Miner
trees Hybrid persimmon seeds 0 Ken W Wilson 4 days ago
Ken W Wilson
composting What to do with bamboo in an urban area ? Compost ? 8 Victoria Fauve 4 days ago
Ken W Wilson
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Looking for seeds from honey locusts 4 Gilbert Fritz 4 days ago
Gilbert Fritz
woodland Hurt Pretty Bad Yesterday in my Woodland 19 Travis Johnson 4 days ago
Travis Johnson
tinkering with this site Cannot see pictures 2 Kevin Hankins 4 days ago
Kevin Hankins
meaningless drivel Holiday Gift Making, 2017 10 r ranson 4 days ago
brad millar
wofati and earth berm Earth sheltered home earth tube question 0 mike lamere 4 days ago
mike lamere
plants Cotton in The Great White North 34 r ranson 4 days ago
r ranson
earthworks terracing 1 Stefanie Chandler 4 days ago
David Singer
rocket mass heaters Inexpensive vacuum formed ceramic fiber heat risers here in USA
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
118 Brian James 4 days ago
Gary Fisher
plants What is the deal on cold stratification? 8 Lucrecia Anderson 4 days ago
Joseph Lofthouse
natural building fleece scrap fabric as insulation? 0 Emily Sarah 4 days ago
Emily Sarah
tinkering with this site Permaculture Inner-circle Elite (PIE)
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
W paul wheaton 4 days ago
Faye Corbett
cover crops sunflower the ideal dry land no till cover crop for vegetables? 11 Gilbert Fritz 4 days ago
Anne Miller
goats, sheep and llamas Goats without Buying Feed 9 Benton Lewis 4 days ago
Faye Corbett
earth bag Some tips for earth bag construction for future enthusiastic. 6 Waqar Naqvi 5 days ago
ellyie Yip
intentional community land, space, freedom and maybe a little cash in AL 6 Jay Grace 5 days ago
Kaleena Martin
wwoofing Not Looking For Labors; Looking For The Next Generation Growers that want to learn! 3 Marianne Cicala 5 days ago
Kaleena Martin
rocket mass heaters Shippable cores - progress report 34 Brian James 5 days ago
Brian James
straw bale house Hay bale cob? 11 Tommie Hockett 5 days ago
Tommie Hockett
homestead What is a fair price per acre for land?
[ 1, 2 ]
47 Paul Pittman 5 days ago
Tom Worley
composting Chickens In The Garden 9 Mike Squires 5 days ago
Marcus Billings
alternative energy Unlimited Fuel In Perpetuity for Free in Theory - ethanol from spirulina 32 Winston Greene 5 days ago
Winston Greene
plants All Things Apios Americana
[ 1, 2 ]
69 Trish Dallas 5 days ago
Trish Dallas
medicinal herbs Looking for natural help for brother-in-law with A-fib 7 Janet Londagin 5 days ago
Joshua Parke
rocket mass heaters Rocket Heater for tiny house 12 Tobias Ber 5 days ago
Tobias Ber
trees Prove that trees are awesome, with images 26 Loxley Clovis 5 days ago
Loxley Clovis
frugality Sources For Free "Everything" 29 Matthew Fallon 5 days ago
Jennie Little
vegan If a vegan friend visited you today, what could you make for them?
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96 Burra Maluca 5 days ago
Tracey Pera
frugality ! Free and frugal soup
[ 1, 2 ]
58 r ranson 5 days ago
Jeff Marchand
city repair Retrofitting my neighborhood; reading group for _Superbia! 1 Joshua Myrvaagnes 5 days ago
Joshua Myrvaagnes
alternative energy black socks surprisingly warm my feet in the sun--observation for winter working 1 Joshua Myrvaagnes 5 days ago
Judith Browning
pigs Pig medical care. 3 Alex Hofacker 5 days ago
thomas rubino
ponds 10m² Pond without liner 21 Torsten Frary 5 days ago
Skandi Rogers
rocket mass heaters Rocket Mass Heater in a tiny space?? 2 Arlene Meyer 5 days ago
paul wheaton
tiny house Rocket Mass Heater for a tiny house? 22 Stewart Hung 5 days ago
paul wheaton
wheaton laboratories 2017 Rocket Mass Heater Workshop Jamboree
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
W paul wheaton 5 days ago
paul wheaton
midwest usa St louis area permaculture 0 C Hart 5 days ago
C Hart
communication domain name purchase, please help! 10 Andrew Greaves 5 days ago
Sebastian Köln
roundwood and timber framing Questions about building log shape and lengths. 0 David Kirkpatrick 5 days ago
David Kirkpatrick
biochar Cheap, easy, mini homemade biochar kiln 4 Eric Hanson 5 days ago
Laurie Dyer
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Will silica gel over-dry seeds ? 11 Gilbert Fritz 5 days ago
Lucrecia Anderson
permaculture singles Single FTM Seeks Homesteading Life Partner 4 johnathan darby 5 days ago
Hasan Yilmaz
wild harvesting Chicory 4 laura Iverson 5 days ago
Dale Hodgins
homestead Home Flour Milling and Meat Grinding 23 Bioritize McCoy 5 days ago
Shae Tanzi