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aquaponics Are there common (normally garden) plants that like wet feet well enough to grow in submerged pots? 11 Dan Boone 20 hours ago
Dan Boone
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Wanted: Breadseed Poppy 23 Jeanine Gurley Jacildone 20 hours ago
Skandi Rogers
soil super herbs, soils and growing herbs in pots 9 Angelika Maier 22 hours ago
Joshua Parke
soil ! sea water and epsom salt 9 Angelika Maier 22 hours ago
Brad Mayeux
cooking What are your favourite bone broth recipes? 37 r ranson 23 hours ago
Anne Miller
decision making Why I bought a new manufactured home 12 Jack Tassoni 1 day ago
Angelika Maier
soil charcoal how to evaluate end product and to grind it? 20 Angelika Maier 1 day ago
Angelika Maier
ulcer factory Confounding the Science - global warming, toxic gick, politics, religion and a song for the season 4 Burra Maluca 1 day ago
Judith Browning
chickens If you can't afford organic meat, you can't afford to raise your own?
[ 1, 2 ]
47 Deborah Ori 1 day ago
Angelika Maier
chickens Wild or domesticated pigeons for meat and poop 8 Hugh Hawk 1 day ago
Tim Bermaw
cob Starting a house small and expanding... 11 Randy Lee 1 day ago
Angelika Maier
fruit trees Apple tree leaves not falling off... 3 Randy Bucher 1 day ago
S Bengi
biointensive Fine-tuning Biointensive 21 Tyler Ludens 1 day ago
Dylan Mulder
rocket mass heaters Smoke out of chimney 4 Anthony Carlson 1 day ago
Glenn Herbert
gardening for beginners How to start gardening in NSW Australian bush? 0 Darren Halloran 1 day ago
Darren Halloran
cover crops Should I chop and drop edible cover crops? 18 Pennie Schwartz 1 day ago
Dale Hodgins
plants Need some help with growing oregano from seed. 1 Thanicha Chanchai 1 day ago
Katie Jarvis
wood burning stoves Advice on clearance for tempwood stove 3 michael reace 1 day ago
Mike Jay
food as medicine Ways to Treat Infections Without using Antibiotics ... What is yours? 31 Anne Miller 1 day ago
Dan Boone
cob curing clay during a freeze 1 brian morris 1 day ago
Daniel Ray
personal care Lapatcha or tree of life 1 David Livingston 1 day ago
Olga Booker
chickens How can I use the whole chicken? 11 Ian Pringle 1 day ago
Olga Booker
plant fibers Home processing Cotton and Linen on a small scale 22 r ranson 1 day ago
Larisa Walk
meaningless drivel Nomad Charlie Boy 11 Robert Ray 1 day ago
Robert Ray
butchery How to Kill a Chicken the Humane Way, and Butcher it Properly 0 Colleen Donovan 1 day ago
Colleen Donovan
goats, sheep and llamas We Love Our Goats 0 Colleen Donovan 1 day ago
Colleen Donovan
chickens Permaculture Chickens Film 19 Cassie Langstraat 1 day ago
Colleen Donovan
chickens First Time Butchering Chickens w/pictures 3 Cassie Dumas 1 day ago
Colleen Donovan
ponds Three ponds in France 4 David Livingston 1 day ago
David Livingston
chickens Wanting to try meat chickens on pasture 22 Andrew Mayflower 1 day ago
Colleen Donovan
intentional community Intentional community looking for a permaculture consultant 1 Merili Simmer 1 day ago
Cody DeBaun
plants Cotton in The Great White North
[ 1, 2 ]
46 r ranson 1 day ago
r ranson
fencing Help me design my living fence
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
86 Todd Parr 1 day ago
Todd Parr
food as medicine My Story Cancer Heart Disease 4 Cinda Wood 1 day ago
Todd Parr
paul wheaton's permaculture podcasts 377 - Dealing with community drama - part 1 0 Adrien Lapointe 1 day ago
Adrien Lapointe
solar Batteries for my 48v off grid solar system 12 jim ward 1 day ago
thomas rubino
fungi Oyster mushrooms growing from wood chips in 5 gallon bucket
[ 1, 2 ]
46 Cj Sloane 1 day ago
Joshua Parke
trees seeking a tree for poor conditions 34 r ranson 1 day ago
Tj Jefferson
rocket mass heaters Walker Stoves Brick Rocket Mass Heater Plans 1 Matt Walker 1 day ago
thomas rubino
paul wheaton 177 hours of video: the 2017 Permaculture Design Course and Appropriate Technology Course W Tracy Wandling 1 day ago
paul wheaton
food as medicine Curing Cancer
[ 1, 2 ]
44 Hamilton Trimm 1 day ago
Cinda Wood
passive solar Cement floor 2 Kristi Lee 1 day ago
Travis Johnson
toxic gick BBC article - our clothes are polluting the ocean 4 r ranson 1 day ago
James Freyr
woodland Green removal of invasive trees - Knysna, South Africa 3 Paula Ogilvie 2 days ago
Burra Maluca
natural fibers and materials A book on designing a permaculture farm with a focus on Fiber?
[ 1, 2 ]
45 Donal MacCoon 2 days ago
Hans Quistorff
greenhouses Need advice for greenhouse ventilation system 4 Jon Singinton 2 days ago
Hans Quistorff
recycling How can I repurpose these rolling metal grill security doors?! 9 Alex Hofacker 2 days ago
Hans Quistorff
crowdfunding !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kickstarter for Mushroom/Mycology School - online courses and in-person courses! 11 Peter McCoy 2 days ago
paul wheaton
organic Torah prohibition on Mixing Seeds.
[ 1, 2 ]
66 Brandon Greer 2 days ago
Hedy Frankhauser
wheaton laboratories Nickel-Iron 'Edison' Batteries
[ 1, 2 ]
67 Cam Mitchell 2 days ago
phil Dert
fungi Images of Fungi: share for teaching & education 30 Loxley Clovis 2 days ago
Loxley Clovis
permaculture real estate 25 acres with creek and cabin--Ava, MO $90,000 0 Kat Haraldson 2 days ago
Kat Haraldson
meaningless drivel Apple Poll - Most Useful Handtool in the Garden W r ranson 2 days ago
tiny house Should I take a gamble by building my small cabin with an on-grade foundation? Thoughts appreciated! 6 Juliet Johnson 2 days ago
Juliet Johnson
missoula I'm on the front page of the missoulian 8 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
tinkering with this site kickstarter farmer laboratory: CFLs at 30 seconds 10 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
frugality Paul's CFL Test 30 Bill Kearns 2 days ago
paul wheaton
alternative energy ban on incandescent light bulbs
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
108 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
frugality The Lightbulb Conspiracy: planned obsolescence 35 Joe Frank 2 days ago
paul wheaton