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woodland Ash - the best wood to grow for firewood?
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51 john smith 21 hours ago
John Harrison
dynamic accumulators Another list of dynamic accumulators and the minerals they are said to accumulate 33 Andrew James 21 hours ago
Helen Butt
permaculture singles 38 DWF in NE WA state looking for the Hawkeye to my Cora 0 Bethany Dutch 23 hours ago
Bethany Dutch
kids IPad for a 12 Year Old? 3 Travis Johnson 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
frugality Any of you guys use straight razors? 18 Ray Cover 1 day ago
john kc
homestead benefits of rainfall collection
[ 1, 2 ]
54 John C Daley 1 day ago
John C Daley
fruit trees Fig cuttings acting strange 24 Mike Bacile 1 day ago
Ken W Wilson
lawn Can I grow corn on my lawn? 5 Tim Kivi 1 day ago
Ken W Wilson
ponds My Progress Gleying a Pond With Pigs
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
124 Michael Newby 1 day ago
Strider Wardle
hugelkultur Paul Wheaton's hugelkultur article thread
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1109 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Roberto pokachinni
cooking Pickling leaves and making dolmas from turk's cap 1 Morgan Hay 1 day ago
Julia Winter
bugs wasps/yellowjackets
[ 1, 2 ]
56 Rob Sigg 1 day ago
Mike Barkley
rocket stoves How do rocket stove compare in heating and efficiency with an ultra low emissions burner 2 Graham Chiu 1 day ago
Graham Chiu
personal care DIY beard oil? 27 Cassie Langstraat 1 day ago
John C Daley
earth bag Sandy loam suitability for earthbag 1 Rob Lineberger 1 day ago
John C Daley
hugelkultur Wood chips or pellets? 4 Tanya Little 1 day ago
Michelle Bisson
cooking If I have $100, should I buy one crock or one hundred jars? 35 Travis Halverson 1 day ago
Matthew Nistico
composting Unlimited amount of fish scraps, how best to use 23 Michael Jameson 1 day ago
steve bossie
fruit trees Bud Grafts - anatomy 3 Esther Platt 1 day ago
John Clempermies
soil Analysis soil/compost/compost tea with a microscope 3 Anthony Saber 1 day ago
Anthony Saber
grains and pseudograins Harvest wheat too soon or too late? 6 Ben Reilly 1 day ago
Ben Reilly
chickens Chicks love rotten wood?!! 4 Hilary Swanson 1 day ago
Susan Pruitt
soil what plants encourage effective microorganisms 12 Natasha Abrahams 1 day ago
Gurkan Yeniceri
permaculture dry subtropical Mediterranean climate: Who has one? 20 Xisca Nicolas 1 day ago
Michael Jameson
music Music of the Moment
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706 Rion Mather 1 day ago
Dan Grubbs
meaningless drivel Funny cartoons 7 Jocelyn Campbell 1 day ago
Jocelyn Campbell
finishes Painting to appease the Man 16 William Bronson 1 day ago
Conner Murphy
composting toilet How to Make a Vermicomposting Flush Toilet 28 Burra Maluca 1 day ago
Wendy Howard
fruit trees Banana trees 9 David Boggs 1 day ago
don duncan
fruit trees Is this a pawpaw 6 Russell Apotheker 1 day ago
Russell Apotheker
hugelkultur First hugel at new homestead 4 Derrick Clausen 1 day ago
Derrick Clausen
medicinal herbs Looking for medicinal mushrooms I can cultivate 4 Karin Highfield 1 day ago
Lauren Gardener
jobs offered Great opportunity for right person, couple or family - we have farm, buildings, need help. NW Ohio 2 Bj Bryan 1 day ago
Mariah Wilfong
grey water Grey water in northern climates 8 Rob Clinch 1 day ago
Roberto pokachinni
medicinal herbs Nettle Leaves for Salve-Only younger leaves? 2 Lisa Patton 1 day ago
Lauren Gardener
rocket mass heaters 8” system with 6” hole in cieling? 3 M.R.J. Smith 1 day ago
Glenn Herbert
wheaton laboratories 2017 ATC solar food dehydrator 17 Jocelyn Campbell 1 day ago
Davin Hoyt
small farm ! A Conservation Machine!! 4 Wesley johnsen 1 day ago
Travis Johnson
earth bag Installing Rafters On Earthbag Building 10 Jared Binitial 1 day ago
Kaki hunter
financial strategy Should I go to school to earn a degree just to save for my homestead 9 Franak Ostapowicz 1 day ago
Franak Ostapowicz
biochar On the topic of biochar
[ 1, 2 ]
54 Craig Butler 1 day ago
Martijn Macaopino
predators Eastern Puma Extinct? I Doubt It! 7 Alder Burns 1 day ago
Hamilton Betchman
projects Breaking my Plastic addiction - R takes the pledge 12 r ranson 1 day ago
r ranson
projects Getting work done at Burra's place, and visiting Portugal. 16 Dale Hodgins 1 day ago
Bill Erickson
chickens Are my chickens too hot? 4 Mike Jay 1 day ago
Mike Jay
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Carrots bolting - saving seed? 10 Natasha Flue 1 day ago
Rez Zircon
earth bag Using tabletop glass in a window 13 Rob Lineberger 1 day ago
Rob Lineberger
fruit trees 200L (52 gallon) bags... good for long-term fruit trees? 2 Tim Kivi 1 day ago
Sherwood Botsford
permaculture seaweed 3 Michael Gomez 1 day ago
Travis Johnson
permaculture real estate Mini Farm For Sale 4 Maxine Shultz 1 day ago
Xada Real
zero waste Tips on how to shop for zero waste 8 Shaz Jameson 1 day ago
Xada Real
grey water Reed-bed System in Ireland 5 Carrie Flynnt 1 day ago
Feidhlim Harty
forest garden Grading Before Planting 5 C Duke 1 day ago
C Duke
science and research Science for Permaculture
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
87 Neil Layton 1 day ago
mrkhealthcare care
intentional community My Dream Permaculture Farm in Cebu, Philippines
[ 1, 2 ]
44 Randi Arc 1 day ago
Annette van Vuuren
rocket mass heaters Alternative to fire clay 1 Felipe Mariño 1 day ago
Satamax Antone
cottage industry Do you calculate wholesale when selling what you make? 19 r ranson 2 days ago
John C Daley
gear Best hose and irrigation equipment for small scale farming? 25 Gilbert Fritz 2 days ago
T Melville
trees Has anyone grown macadamia nut trees? Did you start them from seed? 14 Marco Banks 2 days ago
Angelina Campos
wheaton laboratories 2018 Homesteader PDC (permaculture design course) & ATC (appropriate technology course) in Montana
[ 1, 2 ]
W Tracy Wandling 2 days ago
Chase Jones