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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
fruit trees Planting Blueberries in C Florida 7 Dennis Hamilton 17 hours ago
Daniel Schmidt
rural Downsides of Living Rural
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
82 Su Ba 18 hours ago
Tony Jennings
books The Biotime Log by Maddy Harland W Nicole Alderman 18 hours ago
Julia Winter
rocket mass heaters Wood stove with heat exchange extension 6 Jeroen Nagtegaal 18 hours ago
Jeroen Nagtegaal
small farm How big of a dealbreaker is north-facing slope?? 11 Philippe Elskens 18 hours ago
Laurie Meyerpeter
soil Measures of effective soil building 14 Kyle Neath 19 hours ago
John Duda
south america / central america / mexico Andes mountains 2 Jose Ferrer 19 hours ago
Jose Ferrer
digital market New Scrounging eBook by James Juczak 4 Chris McClellan 19 hours ago
Bryan Beck
permaculture singles What Men Want 18 Dale Hodgins 19 hours ago
Tony Jennings
composting toilet Poo Haiku - won't you add your own? 24 Jennifer Wadsworth 19 hours ago
Greg Mamishian
fruit trees Quince tiny leaves 2 Chris Holcombe 19 hours ago
Casie Becker
bugs What is this critter a centipede like thing? (ID: wire worm) 6 Michael Moreken 19 hours ago
Michael Moreken
projects Turning my lawn into food because I hate mowing it. 20 Jeffrey Carlson 20 hours ago
Jeffrey Carlson
books Biodome Chronicles: Legacy, by Jesikah Sundin W Nicole Alderman 20 hours ago
Dave Burton
permaculture Invasive Species in a Story 4 Rodger Pilkington 20 hours ago
Rodger Pilkington
ulcer factory Joe Rogan Smokes a Blunt With Elon Musk 1 Scott Foster 20 hours ago
Chris Kott
rocket mass heaters Rocket mass batch stove rough-in... Opinions?? Advice?? 3 Lauren Magnolia 20 hours ago
Peter van den Berg
natural building balecob home on earthbag foundation--building progress 23 Daniel Ray 21 hours ago
Daniel Ray
rocket stoves Shane Call's smokey rocket problems. 5 Shane Call 21 hours ago
Daniel Ray
meaningless drivel Deadheading the Permaculturalist 8 Billy Sawyer 22 hours ago
Pearl Sutton
biochar Help with Easy Biochar drum 8 Dennis Bangham 23 hours ago
Chris Kott
biochar How to make BIOCHAR easy 2 Tristan Alexander 23 hours ago
Chris Kott
dogs and cats Introducing my husky to other animals 8 Christine Jacquez 23 hours ago
Gail Dobson
plants Is this Chlorosis? 2 Yuca Rainbow 1 day ago
Yuca Rainbow
wood burning stoves a tiny wood stove for a tiny house 1 Greg Mamishian 1 day ago
hakim djebara
ecovillage Large family seeking community living 1 Vesta Williams 1 day ago
Paul Chew
intentional community Intentional Community Forming in NC mountains 0 Paul Chew 1 day ago
Paul Chew
honey bees Another use for pallets 1 R Jay 1 day ago
F Agricola
teachers' lounge Permaculture Activism 4 s wesley 1 day ago
F Agricola
wind Bendy blades on wind turbines 2 Burra Maluca 1 day ago
Burra Maluca
homestead Getting "man jobs" done as a single woman homesteader 18 Bethany Dutch 1 day ago
Rufus Laggren
wood burning stoves Wood Stove, any point in adding fire brick? 18 Michael Young 1 day ago
Greg Mamishian
volunteers Looking for a volunteer work in permaculture or natural building 1 Cris Gonzàlez 1 day ago
Mark Tudor
energy crops Perennial oil seed crops 21 Thekla McDaniels 1 day ago
Jason Hernandez
projects Kyle's Projects & Adventures
[ 1, 2 ]
42 Kyle Neath 1 day ago
Kyle Neath
mulch Forest duff as mulch {OP's note Project-ended-Poor-idea} 19 Brian Rodgers 1 day ago
Phil Stevens
energy crops annuals for oil seeds 23 Thekla McDaniels 1 day ago
Jason Hernandez
survival C5 Builds a Category 5 Hurricane Proof Wind Tower. The Windapult 14 Ross Raven 1 day ago
Ross Raven
soil !!!! build a vortex brewer 1 Angelika Maier 1 day ago
Dennis Bangham
composting Chickens making compost from wood chips. Analysis results. 3 S Tenorman 1 day ago
Mary Hysong
southern usa Palatka, Florida Permie club 36 Michael Turner 1 day ago
Michael Turner
meaningless drivel You know you're a permie when...
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <5, 6, 7 ]
248 Nicole Alderman 1 day ago
Ryan Hobbs
chickens In defense of a broody hen 13 Mike Jay 1 day ago
Lucrecia Anderson
meaningless drivel Quote of the day
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <5, 6, 7 ]
265 Cassie Langstraat 1 day ago
Mike Jay
plants Red hot pokers flowering 0 Gail Dobson 1 day ago
Gail Dobson
hugelkultur Hugelkultur - Good wood , Bad wood
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
204 Dale Hodgins 1 day ago
Michael Moreken
meaningless drivel My upstairs neighbor has a teething child. 7 Bill Crim 1 day ago
Bill Crim
small farm drip vs. sprinkler 6 Gilbert Fritz 1 day ago
Joel Bercardin
trees Camphor laurel leaf mulch - denaturing the aromatics 0 Jondo Almondo 1 day ago
Jondo Almondo
meaningless drivel Music for focus 1 raven ranson 1 day ago
Pete Podurgiel
rural Positive Aspects of Rural Living 8 James Freyr 1 day ago
Kathleen Sanderson
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Photos of Joseph Lofthouse's Garden
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <6, 7, 8 ]
311 Joseph Lofthouse 1 day ago
Joseph Lofthouse
gardening for beginners Planting calendar based on natural events instead of dates 14 dan long 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
cooking How to Make All-Natural Homemade Food Coloring 1 Anne Miller 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
woodworking Book tower! 4 Pearl Sutton 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
cooking How to Have a Well Stocked Food Storage Pantry
[ 1, 2 ]
54 Anne Miller 1 day ago
Lucrecia Anderson
cooking Using buckwheat flour.............. 7 Randy Gibson 1 day ago
Rebecca Norman
wild harvesting Giant oysters... what to do with them beyond the obvious? 5 Michael Cox 1 day ago
Anne Miller
permaculture design The official poll to select the three queens
[ 1, 2 ]
64 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Michael Moreken
natural fibers and materials Vancouver Island fibreshed - what are we getting right? what's missing? 27 raven ranson 1 day ago
raven ranson