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plants Persimmon hardiness 4 Jordan Johnston 22 hours ago
Jordan Johnston
iberia Need help finding local resources for my vegetable garden 5 Maria Cardoso 1 day ago
Velho Barbudo
chickens Quail Brooder 0 Vaughn Malecki 1 day ago
Vaughn Malecki
fruit trees Apple varieties that were thought to be extinct are found again! (Eastern WA, you can get some!) 0 Nicole Alderman 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
permaculture Could Permaculture Have Saved Gros Michel? Can It Save Cavendish? 7 Andrew Michaels 1 day ago
Leif Kravis
chickens forage for chickens
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95 Kelda Miller 1 day ago
Ian Simons
biochar On the topic of biochar
[ 1, 2 ]
52 Craig Butler 1 day ago
John Saltveit
fungi Is it possible to grow shitake on wood in the tropics ? 0 Leif Kravis 1 day ago
Leif Kravis
alternative energy energy from differences in ambient temperature 6 R Jay 1 day ago
R Jay
wheaton laboratories a couple of pics
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221 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Jocelyn Campbell
homestead Homesteading in Northern California or Oregon 14 Kristen Phillips 1 day ago
Tom Rutledge
plants Easy to Grow Perennial Walking Onion and How to Cook with Them 5 Anne Miller 1 day ago
Ronnie Ugulano
rocket mass heaters 8" RMH
[ 1, 2 ]
57 Benen Huntley 1 day ago
Benen Huntley
greening the desert Cape Town water crisis--ideas that can help? 12 Joshua Myrvaagnes 1 day ago
John C Daley
conservation pauls brilliant 0 mark chamness 1 day ago
mark chamness
rainwater catchment Waynes rainwater harvest start to finish 34 wayne fajkus 1 day ago
John C Daley
wheaton laboratories 2017 ATC solar food dehydrator 11 Jocelyn Campbell 1 day ago
Davin Hoyt
tinkering with this site Recognizing Our Spam Hunters. 26 Dale Hodgins 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
online learning Prepare for Food Security 1 Jason Vath 1 day ago
Jason Vath
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Dixondale Farms from Carrizo Springs, Texas, USA W James Freyr 1 day ago
Thekla McDaniels
gardening for beginners !!!!! starting seeds + air pruning - things I've learned 10 S Usvy 1 day ago
Perry Rosenfeld
plants American persimmon hardiness 1 Jordan Johnston 1 day ago
Mike Jay
rocket stoves My rocket hot water idea 4 Brian Karlsen 1 day ago
Glenn Herbert
rocket mass heaters If rmh was vertical, would the barrel still be needed? 20 Matt Coston 1 day ago
Glenn Herbert
meaningless drivel Screen Free Week - other ways to balance screen time 7 Jocelyn Campbell 1 day ago
Jarret Hynd
forest garden Perennials that are difficult to grow from seed? 13 Mike Musialowski 1 day ago
greg mosser
greenhouses hybrid greenhouses: pit, climate battery and geothermal in one structure 2 Eric Rich 1 day ago
William Bronson
rocket stoves Clay Rocket core/Bell/RMH system? 15 Roberto pokachinni 1 day ago
Glenn Herbert
plants guild ideas for blueberries
[ 1, 2 ]
41 Brenda Groth 1 day ago
Jordan Johnston
medicinal herbs Companion planting with medicinal herbs in a diverse homestead? 11 Matt Smith 1 day ago
Jordan Johnston
europe Pawpaws in Europe 2 Lori Braendli 1 day ago
James Landreth
organic permaculture advocate in Zimbabwe - too little/too much rain
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
110 Rufaro Makamure 1 day ago
Rufaro Makamure
composting Composting with egg carton and problems with fruit flies 4 Mike Autumn 1 day ago
Mike Autumn
dogs and cats Our Dogs Killed our Goats - Looking for Support
[ 1, 2 ]
49 Jordan Czeczuga 1 day ago
Marci Sudlow
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding From Seed to Seed - Educational films on seed production 0 Tobias Kern 1 day ago
Tobias Kern
tinkering with this site Testimonial Capture 3 Josiah Wallingford 1 day ago
Scott Foster
cooking what's for dinner?
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179 Leah Sattler 1 day ago
Jocelyn Campbell
forest garden 2018 Spring Planting and getting ready 19 Scott Foster 1 day ago
Scott Foster
wofati and earth berm PAHS project - need help 0 Kelly Mitchell 1 day ago
Kelly Mitchell
tinkering with this site New Profile--and a Scavenger Hunt!!!
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71 Nicole Alderman 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
forest garden Swaled Hilltop Forest Garden 10 Jonathan Henry 1 day ago
Jonathan Henry
mulch processing wood chips 9 Ryan Kennedy 1 day ago
Ian Rule
natural building Looking for advice, help and experiences on building a yurt or strawbale home myself 1 Dieter Maier 1 day ago
Mike Jay
rocket mass heaters using metal in the burn tunnel and heat riser
[ 1, 2 ]
64 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Satamax Antone
forest garden arborsculpture - woven pear trees 0 kim dandelion 1 day ago
kim dandelion
tinkering with this site Oscar eating Crabs (Test) 0 Nicole Alderman 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
earth bag earthbag builder based in the philippines 0 zaldy ang 1 day ago
zaldy ang
rocket mass heaters 8" Rocket Mass Heater with batch side load, bell and added bench. 1 smogbuster won 1 day ago
Thomas Tipton
plants Best day neutral strawberry 3 Ken W Wilson 1 day ago
Ken W Wilson
jobs wanted I'll plant and grow a food forest, garden, solar energy, stove building,... trade for RV space. 6 Jeremy Baker 1 day ago
Jeremy Baker
goats, sheep and llamas Sheep mineral program 12 Wes Hunter 1 day ago
Travis Johnson
homestead Check this out! 1 Anna Marie Benson 1 day ago
Travis Johnson
forest garden Pecan Guild 10 Jim Bryant 1 day ago
Jim Bryant
resources: seeds, plants, honey, consulting, etc. Sourcing permaculture and medicinal plants 1 Evan Rafuse 2 days ago
Anne Miller
rockies Rv/Tiny House Space/Camping Space for Rent - South Colorado 0 Karen Fraijo 2 days ago
Karen Fraijo
web sites how did you find out about
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148 paul wheaton 2 days ago
Daron Williams
natural fibers and materials ! Homespun Challenge
[ 1, 2 ]
53 r ranson 2 days ago
Joseph Lofthouse
fruit trees Growing fruit trees as a community project 22 Matt Grantham 2 days ago
Joseph Lofthouse
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Need berry seeds, in Pakistan
[ 1, 2 ]
42 Zk Khalid 2 days ago
Zk Khalid