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wheaton laboratories permaculture bootcamp - learn permaculture through a little hard work
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
139 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Mark Tudor
chickens Chickens Depth Perception, Sense of Direction & Roosting 11 Susan Pruitt 1 day ago
Deb Rebel
volunteer offerings Where to find young folks 32 Robert Bizzarro 1 day ago
R Wood
tinkering with this site kickstarter rewards testing
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
170 paul wheaton 1 day ago
beth Cromwell
forest garden Looking for Prunus angustifolia (Chickasaw Plum) Varieties 4 David Pitman 1 day ago
Derrick Clausen
science and research Digitized compilation of past and present life on Earth 1 Karen Donnachaidh 1 day ago
Jane Southall
homestead Looking for a place to move in MT or WA to open permaculture homestead 14 Maxwell Myers 1 day ago
jim dee
permaethos !!!!!!!!!! Systems of Beekeeping Course - Winterization Now Available 0 Josiah Wallingford 1 day ago
Josiah Wallingford
cascadia Optical Surveying for Earthworks and Water, Advanced Permaculture Course 0 melanie Mindlin 1 day ago
melanie Mindlin
rocket stoves Shippable cores 26 james manning 1 day ago
Brian James
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs A Wyoming woofing opportunity to keep in mind. 0 Miles Flansburg 1 day ago
Miles Flansburg
pasture New pasture covered in pampas grass! 10 barry loehr 1 day ago
Katie Jarvis
soil Soil Compaction 3 Brandon McGinnity 1 day ago
Jim Fry
southern usa Starting new zone 8a homestead! Looking to make connections and friends 0 Derrick Clausen 1 day ago
Derrick Clausen
cooking Cooking with Dale. 26 Dale Hodgins 1 day ago
Dale Hodgins
intentional community Small Farm on North West Montana looking for collaborators 0 B Wats 1 day ago
B Wats
nibblers permie solutions to deer fence issues? 36 Alex Brands 1 day ago
trinda storey
ecovillage New to Permies. Younger Artist couple looking for small community NW coast-Ish ! 18 Shauns Webbers 1 day ago
B Wats
rainwater catchment Potable rainwater set-up cost 10 josh ober 1 day ago
Jane Southall
permaculture singles Looking for homestead partners in Maine 0 Bill Andrychowski 1 day ago
Bill Andrychowski
gardening for beginners Reuse (compost) rototilled grass 0 Dar Helwig 1 day ago
Dar Helwig
projects In ground cold frame 0 trinda storey 1 day ago
trinda storey
rocket mass heaters Exhaust diameters 25 Christopher Churchill 1 day ago
Christopher Churchill
homestead so happy to be here 5 John Natoli 1 day ago
John Natoli
crowdfunding The SUSTAINABLE HEALTH SERIES - KICKSTARTER - with Justin Rhodes 0 Mike Dickson 1 day ago
Mike Dickson
rainwater catchment Rain barrels 2 Jane Southall 1 day ago
Jane Southall
dvds, movies, videos and documentaries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Great American Farm Tour
[ 1, 2 ]
40 Justin Rhodes 1 day ago
Miles Flansburg
permaculture real estate 35 acres on the Wyoming prairies for sale 4 Miles Flansburg 1 day ago
Miles Flansburg
goats, sheep and llamas Hi, what kind of Llama or animal is this? 26 Julian Lee 1 day ago
Rachel Hall
trees Transplanting red maple and Carolina allspice 10 Jane Southall 1 day ago
David Livingston
frugality The search for a practical skirt
[ 1, 2 ]
46 r ranson 1 day ago
leila hamaya
rocket mass heaters Peat as fuel 3 dave jersey 1 day ago
Jane Southall
biogas Biogas Safety, storing and processing 0 pjeter schornstein 1 day ago
pjeter schornstein
forest garden Using trees as arbor for grapes 24 Marcus Billings 1 day ago
David Doc
straw bale house Cold vented attic - to membrane or not 8 Ionel Catanescu 1 day ago
Ionel Catanescu
farm income Small farm marketing 13 Jared Blankenship 1 day ago
Tj Jefferson
goats, sheep and llamas shetland/icelandic sheep - experience and advice 9 stephen lowe 1 day ago
Travis Johnson
wild harvesting Preparing Elderberries 4 Karen Donnachaidh 1 day ago
Megan Palmer
finishes Anyone make thier own pine tar? 5 Larry Bock 2 days ago
Deb Rebel
greening the desert Permaculture attempt in high desert of California
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
102 Sam Fel 2 days ago
Jon Snow
apple trees Old sick apple trees 36 Jane Southall 2 days ago
Nicole Alderman
science and research Dynamic de-accumulators 1 duane hennon 2 days ago
Jane Southall
volunteering Long Long Loooong journey.... 12 Collin Hodge 2 days ago
Spencer Collins
plants How to grow Maypop 17 Kris Mendoza 2 days ago
Ken W Wilson
permaculture singles Swf 33, looking for her wingman / north Europe 4 Lou Myriddn 2 days ago
Don Hall
permaculture singles Petite 40-Year-Old Hispanic Female Looking For Tall White Male (35-45) 13 Dee Martinez 2 days ago
Don Hall
permaculture singles S/W/F 56 seeks homesteading buddy... male/female/clydesdale :) 17 D Daniels 2 days ago
Don Hall
gear Milwaukee cordless grinder 0 Dale Hodgins 2 days ago
Dale Hodgins
cattle Range (Portable) Mineral Feeder (with an asterisk *) 2 Andre Lasle 2 days ago
Wes Hunter
meaningless drivel the right to use arms 6 paul wheaton 2 days ago
Thyri Gullinvargr
wood burning stoves Convert older stove into bell type stove 1 Jeff Watt 2 days ago
Glenn Herbert
grains and pseudograins Self reseeding grains 11 Joe Barber 2 days ago
William Schlegel
dynamic accumulators 4 o'clocks 20 Jane Southall 2 days ago
Annie Lochte
rocket mass heaters Using an old fireplace as bell for a woodstove 6 Patrick van Gompel 2 days ago
Patrick van Gompel
gardening for beginners Hay Mulch (Ruth Stout) vs. Compost Mulch (Charles Dowding) 2 Jack Somerville 2 days ago
Bryant RedHawk
gardening for beginners To amend or not to amend soil 7 Dar Helwig 2 days ago
Bryant RedHawk
homestead Help me dream! Raw land... best bang for buck initial improvements & preparation? (Low-maintenance) 14 C Jones 2 days ago
C Jones
chickens Do all chicken breeds taste the same? 9 Joan Perez 2 days ago
Wes Hunter
grains and pseudograins Giant ragweed as grain 3 Jane Southall 2 days ago
Jane Southall