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earth bag Has anyone used spray foam insulation on an earth bag home? 1 Wayne Blum 23 hours ago
Angelika Maier
honey bees Honeybees foraging fungi in the woods 12 Joshua Parke 23 hours ago
Alder Burns
hydro two streams for hydro! 7 Muzzer Ward 1 day ago
Peter VanDerWal
earthen floor Durability questions... 2 Katie Hoehl 1 day ago
Laura Kelly
rocket mass heaters Uncle Mud's Bun Warmer 2 paul wheaton 1 day ago
paul wheaton
meaningless drivel Understanding what it means "water at rest is always level..."
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45 s wesley 1 day ago
s wesley
earth bag Building in Very Cold Areas 8 Tom Linson 1 day ago
Kyle Neath
composting vermicomposting - worm food? 26 Logan Therrion 1 day ago
stephen lowe
chickens Wood's open air poultry house 2 Todd Parr 1 day ago
Todd Parr
paul wheaton's permaculture podcasts Podcast 024 - Mac vs. PC 4 Adrien Lapointe 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
tinkering with this site contact us, contact paul, contact staff ....
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65 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
tinkering with this site change my email 4 Mark Gonzales 1 day ago
paul wheaton
earth bag Some tips for earth bag construction for future enthusiastic. 0 Waqar Naqvi 1 day ago
Waqar Naqvi
chickens "Landrace" chickens 19 Todd Parr 1 day ago
Todd Parr
aquaponics Made a YouTube video on how to build a Reliable Bell Syphon for you! 0 Marty Mitchell 1 day ago
Marty Mitchell
plants Ecology of invasive vines 3 M Granson 1 day ago
Gilbert Fritz
plants Siberian Peashrub seeds for sale from my forest garden (2017 harvest) 29 Craig Dobbson 1 day ago
Craig Dobbson
soil PT (pee tea) and plastics 4 Fredy Perlman 1 day ago
Fredy Perlman
books Soil and Health Library 2 Joylynn Hardesty 1 day ago
Kami Dempsey
honey bees Seeking Beekeeping Advice 21 Dave Cooper 1 day ago
Joseph Lofthouse
natural building Is using Aircrete Considered to be "natural building"? 7 Dustin Mattison 1 day ago
R Scott
bugs Garden for insect predators and pollinators 4 Ken W Wilson 1 day ago
Ken W Wilson
fish Container Aquaponics - Is Buried Fish Animal Abuse? 9 William Wallace 1 day ago
Gilbert Fritz
california Nov 12 /Live Well & Spark A Climate Revolution Book Signing & Talk with Peter Kalmus 0 wesley roe 1 day ago
wesley roe
rocket mass heaters A Better Pre-Port Tube for a Batch Box 5 Matt Walker 1 day ago
Brian James
resources: seeds, plants, honey, consulting, etc. Comfrey Root Cuttings For Sale - Canada Only 17 Mike Haych 1 day ago
Mike Haych
chickens Wanting to try meat chickens on pasture 18 Andrew Mayflower 1 day ago
Wes Hunter
homestead women peeing outdoors
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312 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Pearl Sutton
grains and pseudograins Growing grain on poorly drained soils (in the Middle Ages) 31 F Van Roosbroeck 1 day ago
F Van Roosbroeck
meaningless drivel Work place morale or lack of 16 Larry Bock 1 day ago
Larry Bock
animal fibers growing clothing to sequester carbon 8 r ranson 1 day ago
Travis Johnson
medicinal herbs What are your favourite homemade tea blends?
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43 Vida Norris 1 day ago
Anne Miller
honey bees overwintering (fondant) 1 Robert du Rivage 1 day ago
Michael Cox
chickens Can egg production be slowed down with less protein in diet? 16 nancy sutton 1 day ago
nancy sutton
fungi Nameko on cherry logs 2 John Saltveit 1 day ago
John Saltveit
permaculture real estate Newbie: How to Get Started Asking for Advice on Permies About Land Purchases? 3 Ben Munoz 1 day ago
Ash Jackson
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Seeking insight into finding work opportunities while traveling in Japan 0 Matt Marsan 1 day ago
Matt Marsan
cover crops Too late to cover crop!? 12 Andrew Roesner 1 day ago
Ash Jackson
chickens Swollen chicken foot. Bumble foot? 5 James Freyr 1 day ago
Marcus Billings
great white north Four lakefront lots available on East Lake, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, 25 acres each 0 Mike Haych 2 days ago
Mike Haych
oklahoma and texas Sierra Blanca roll call 0 Joseph Johnson 2 days ago
Joseph Johnson
cooking Celebrating cooking under pressure 37 r ranson 2 days ago
Karen Donnachaidh
forest garden Sugar Cane Jujube Pollination 9 Dave Bojangles 2 days ago
Tj Jefferson
paul wheaton's pseudo blog paul's patreon stuff got his videos and podcasts running again!
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59 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
alternative energy Why Paul Wheaton is Wrong About CFLs
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76 cryptorchidism McCoy 2 days ago
Lincoln Zaegen
permaculture singles 24yr old mom on 10acres in North Idaho, seeking partner 6 Alicia Reed 2 days ago
Lincoln Zaegen
workshops Rocket Mass Heaters, Cob and other Natural Building at the Topeka Mother Earth Fair 0 Chris McClellan 2 days ago
Chris McClellan
rocket mass heaters Rammed earth core construction 8 Peter Ellis 2 days ago
Glenn Herbert
rocket mass heaters Casserole Door - an innovative door for batch box rocket mass heaters 2 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
rocket mass heaters season extender rocket mass heater - for inside of a greenhouse or .... outside 3 paul wheaton 2 days ago
paul wheaton
rocket stoves Peter van den Berg 4 inch Minnie Mouse rocket mass heater 9 Anne Christgau 2 days ago
paul wheaton
soil Worm farm suggestions 3 jim hughes 2 days ago
Joel Bercardin
rocket mass heaters second bell alternative 2 Daniel Ray 2 days ago
Daniel Ray
woodworking Chicken coop material list 4 Barn Gulian 2 days ago
Mike Jay
medicinal herbs Could Drinking Tea Save Your Life- The Unknown Wonder Drink - Ancient Ceremonial Tea 13 William Wallace 2 days ago
William Wallace
composting Coconut shells 5 Jenna Ferresty 2 days ago
Ronnie Ugulano
earthship Straw bale Earthship hybrid....? 6 Greg Canicio 2 days ago
Greg Canicio
gardening for beginners Creating an Edible or Medicinal Garden for Your Use and for Butterflies to Enjoy 25 Anne Miller 2 days ago
Anne Miller
homestead Application of wooden press-barrels to make organic cold-pressed oils 7 Yury Smirnov 2 days ago
David Livingston