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trees Is this an accurate description of how a tree dies? And of coppicing? 6 Gilbert Fritz 52 minutes ago
Cody DeBaun
rocket mass heaters An RMH Pyrology Question! 0 Bruce Woodford 59 minutes ago
Bruce Woodford
wood burning stoves greenhouse with a rocket mass heater vid
[ 1, 2 ]
53 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
paul wheaton
rocket mass heaters mass heater in the ground for heating a greenhouse 15 Andy weir 1 hour ago
paul wheaton
rocket mass heaters season extender rocket mass heater - for inside of a greenhouse or .... outside 4 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
paul wheaton
fruit trees We could be planting fruit trees from seed!
[ 1, 2 ]
48 Scott Foster 1 hour ago
Chris Ferguson
cooking What are your favourite bone broth recipes? 24 r ranson 1 hour ago
Joseph Lofthouse
straw bale house How to determine roof slope? 16 Felicia Adaniels 1 hour ago
Glenn Herbert
rocket stoves RMH fan assist/control 2 Michael Bowes 1 hour ago
Michael Bowes
solar Solar thermal door build 13 Mike Jay 2 hours ago
frank li
iberia Offgrid home in a nature reserve for sale in Portugal 5 Zoé Keleti 2 hours ago
marco duijster
fruit trees Tamarind Seedlings Indoors (Winter Care??? Help!) 3 Latifah Bailor 2 hours ago
Latifah Bailor
earthworks Where to start with swale digging? 16 Richard Cleaver 2 hours ago
Richard Cleaver
projects !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A 12-day permie challenge 21 r ranson 2 hours ago
Rose Lee
wood burning stoves Keeping a wood stove going all night 32 john Britely 2 hours ago
John Marks
wood burning stoves RMH and flue fires? 22 Steve P 2 hours ago
P Mike
meaningless drivel !!!! cloth napkins? 39 r ranson 2 hours ago
Gale Zimmerman
soil Too much compost in the soil? Steve Solomon Intelligent gardener 18 Angelika Maier 2 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
roundwood and timber framing Timber Frame Basement 4 Wallace Crosby 2 hours ago
Glenn Herbert
books Wiki The official Book Review Grid with more than 100 books listed W Jennifer Wadsworth 2 hours ago
paul wheaton
homestead Wife doesnt want to homestead 8 T. Gardner 2 hours ago
T. Gardner
greenhouses Need advice for greenhouse ventilation system 1 Jon Singinton 2 hours ago
Joseph Lofthouse
aquaponics Aquaponics in my home 8 Tom Connolly 3 hours ago
Cindy Loos
greenhouses moisture a problem when attaching greenhouse to house? Solar gain for home? 7 Susan Wakeman 3 hours ago
Jack Tassoni
communication Permaculture Memes, Symbols and Archetypes - Story Writing Tools for the New Mythologist 2 Willi Paul 4 hours ago
Willi Paul
meaningless drivel Tell us about your grandparents 19 Larry Bock 4 hours ago
Mick Fisch
cover crops Are strawberries OK as a cover crop? 9 Kurt Luoto 4 hours ago
Michael Cox
food as medicine cooking with tumeric 25 Jocelyn Campbell 4 hours ago
Chase Gozon
permaculture singles Single and alone in Portugal! 4 Ruth Ramos 4 hours ago
dirk witte
stone work Which one should I choose for my new kitchen? 25 Kimbery Boice 5 hours ago
Kate Muller
rocket mass heaters Are rocket mass heaters safe? 17 Felicia Adaniels 6 hours ago
Chris Kott
nibblers Carcinogens in bone sauce 1 Bonnie Poole 7 hours ago
Chris Kott
rocket mass heaters " Fake fire brick "
[ 1, 2 ]
43 allen lumley 8 hours ago
thomas rubino
rocket mass heaters Lowes hardware fire brick specs 5 Jeff Darrington 8 hours ago
Tom Gauthier
books Japan's Folk Architecture: Traditional Thatched Farmhouses by Chuji Kawashima W Judith Browning 8 hours ago
Judith Browning
books books about building 4 Judith Browning 9 hours ago
Judith Browning
books Structures: Or Why Things Don't Fall Down by J.e. Gordon W Judith Browning 9 hours ago
Judith Browning
natural building Bamboo cordwood: some considerations? 7 Craig Butler 10 hours ago
Craig Butler
masanobu fukuoka Fukuoka Style Farms in Japan 9 Andrew Yansen 10 hours ago
facundo Villada
homestead Visiting NE Washington state to look at property, any tips? 6 Mark Tudor 11 hours ago
Doug Stephen
composting !!!!!!!!!!!! My Journey through Fermentation, LAB, Cheesemaking, Korean Natural Farming, Humanure and Bokashi 5 Chad Sentman 12 hours ago
Angelika Maier
rabbits Mixing Breeds of Rabbits? 1 Sarah Hodge 13 hours ago
Hans Quistorff
wild harvesting Buffalo Gourd 9 Tyler Ludens 15 hours ago
kevin stewart
permaculture singles Petite 40-Year-Old Hispanic Female Looking For Tall White Male (35-45) 19 Dee Martinez 18 hours ago
Dee Martinez
ergonomics learning to juggle 3 Judith Browning 18 hours ago
leila hamaya
crowdfunding kickstarter - Documentary “Grow Food” - answer to climate change, hunger, and degenerative diseases 0 Jessica T Smith 18 hours ago
Jessica T Smith
permaculture real estate Pay the taxes to use the land =help 2 Hans Quistorff 19 hours ago
Hans Quistorff
rocket stoves Rocket stove out of gate post 0 Neil G Jay 19 hours ago
Neil G Jay
meaningless drivel My gift for y'all 3 Wj Carroll 19 hours ago
Wj Carroll
homestead Map resource for choosing where to live 4 Mike Jay 19 hours ago
James Freyr
conservation It is 2017 and incandescent is still better than LED
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
96 paul wheaton 19 hours ago
Park Prince
trees Nut trees for cold semi-arid climate 7 Roger Long 19 hours ago
Kathleen Sanderson
tinkering with this site A couple of forum name change ideas 29 r ranson 19 hours ago
Kathleen Sanderson
cooking $50 per week food budget
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
84 Tyler Ludens 19 hours ago
Krista Marie Schaus
nibblers how to catch a mouse without a mousetrap
[ 1, 2 ]
64 paul wheaton 20 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
religion and spirituality Christmas/Winter Traditions and Their Meaning to You 0 Nicole Alderman 20 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
honey bees Bee suit.. ? 3 Randy Bucher 20 hours ago
Jarret Hynd
goats, sheep and llamas Eating a goat 24 Heather Ward 20 hours ago
Kathleen Sanderson
gear Cool Tools, lesser known tools that can improve your life 22 Devin Lavign 20 hours ago
Francis Mallet