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volunteers Husband Wife team looking for work for shelter. 0 Gabriel Davis 5 minutes ago
Gabriel Davis
volunteer offerings Eager permie guy looking for places to improve some permaculture skills 0 Mario Keltikee 6 minutes ago
Mario Keltikee
trees Wodyetia/Fox Tail Palm - is it dead? 1 N Shi 11 minutes ago
Casie Becker
projects Getting Started 8 mark best 17 minutes ago
Daniel Miller
fruit trees Pawpaw seeds 0 Denise Kersting 18 minutes ago
Denise Kersting
composting My New Worm Bin 4 Ryan Hobbs 20 minutes ago
Ryan P Hobbs
fruit trees Apricot Stratification Information 1 Kelsey Bileen 23 minutes ago
Casie Becker
homestead Looking for homestead in Maine 10 Abrianna Kremer 42 minutes ago
Travis Johnson
goats, sheep and llamas clumpy poop 3 Tom Colvin 54 minutes ago
Travis Johnson
introductions I'm baaaaack 3 Ryan P Hobbs 1 hour ago
Ryan P Hobbs
plants Need an ID on a Strange Fruit from South Georgia 1 David Good 1 hour ago
Tyler Ludens
cob Adobe vs cob: a framing question 2 Melissa Bracy 1 hour ago
Melissa Bracy
permaculture Permaculture vs. Prairie Restoration OR Help! I've Fallen Into an Ethics Hole and I Can' Get Out 12 denise ra 1 hour ago
Tyler Ludens
gardening for beginners Asparagus in warmish places- when to cut back ferns? 0 Tereza Okava 2 hours ago
Tereza Okava
natural building rammed Earth garden beds 2 Kat Zeeberg 2 hours ago
Daniel Ray
books Mudgirls Manifesto: Handbuilt Homes, Handcrafted Lives by The Mudgirls W Nicole Alderman 2 hours ago
beth Cromwell
woodland advice on regenerating a pine/eucalyptus plantation 16 Teaoh Be 2 hours ago
William Bronson
ulcer factory Still can't do it! 7 Amit Enventres 2 hours ago
Tyler Ludens
composting Wet Anaeroblic Rot Compost: Sodden Sod. 9 Roberto pokachinni 2 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
natural fibers and materials FIBERSHED...based on ecological balance, local economies, and regional organic agriculture 15 Judith Browning 3 hours ago
r ranson
chickens How many chicks do you hatch naturally? 5 Rachael Ferber 5 hours ago
Joshua Fryc
hugelkultur Japanese Ring and Hugelkulture Combination? 2 William Wallace 5 hours ago
Nick Kitchener
natural building conundrum: stupid stick frame house needs finishing 1 Tys Sniffen 5 hours ago
William Bronson
meaningless drivel forward written by someone famous - in a book 3 r ranson 6 hours ago
r ranson
permaculture * Welcome David Good, author of Push the Zone 34 Nicole Alderman 6 hours ago
Anthony DiDonato
plants Invasive Species 27 Francis Mallet 7 hours ago
duane hennon
grey water flow form molds 25 George Wright 7 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
natural building Help with where to start 10 Jh Sheridan 7 hours ago
molly murphy
plants Reforestation - Growing trees in arid, barren lands - by Seeds and Clay cubes (no watering)
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564 Konstantinos Karoubas 7 hours ago
Sheri Menelli
wheaton laboratories willow feeder (wheelie bin pooper) at wheaton labs basecamp - the Willow Bank
[ 1, 2 ]
40 Cassie Langstraat 7 hours ago
Joshua Myrvaagnes
cob Please Help me Design a Tiny Cob Home :) 8 Todd Hunter 7 hours ago
molly murphy
natural building Floors for pig pens 2 Amanda Launchbury-Rainey 7 hours ago
molly murphy
meaningless drivel bullshit asymmetry principle 2 paul wheaton 7 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
fruit trees Growing nectarine in limited space 1 Anna Dunster 7 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
natural building Sticky * Welcome Molly Murphy & Clare Kenny authors of Mudgirls Manifesto 13 Nicole Alderman 7 hours ago
molly murphy
food choices Vote: What's Your All-Time Favorite Veggie to Grow and Eat? 15 Nicole Alderman 8 hours ago
gir bot
fencing Creative fence idea, will it work? 30 Mike Jay 9 hours ago
Mike Jay
trees seeking a tree for poor conditions 37 r ranson 9 hours ago
steve bossie
bugs The Official Entomophagy Thread! (Eating Bugs) 28 Scott Farmer 9 hours ago
Maxene Dee
trees Tree ID 4 Jen Ledger 9 hours ago
steve bossie
fruit trees Need help identifying these berries 9 Angela Qi 9 hours ago
Chris Holcombe
permaculture singles Gay, the old frontier. We never left the country
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
100 Daniel Morse 10 hours ago
Buck Anfeldt
homestead Visiting NE Washington state to look at property, any tips? 12 Mark Tudor 11 hours ago
Matt Peiris
fruit trees My trees are growing funny--Why? leaves first by the trunk, and then toward the ends of the branches 12 Nicole Alderman 11 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
plants Growing Highbush Cranberries in the PNW 8 James Landreth 13 hours ago
Greg Martin
tinkering with this site permies real sounding name policy
[ 1, 2 ]
71 paul wheaton 14 hours ago
Nicole John
natural building Up to code natural building 0 Barbara Sheehy 15 hours ago
Barbara Sheehy
earth bag Earthbag Greenhouse 6 S McClary 15 hours ago
Maxene Dee
europe Looking for the perfect place to start your own permaculture project? 29 Pina River 16 hours ago
Daniel Miller
ducks and geese Ducks eating fallen bird seed, killing grass. 5 Jess Enderson 16 hours ago
natasha todd
homestead women peeing outdoors
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322 paul wheaton 16 hours ago
natasha todd
natural building Insulating and roofing... 5 William Bronson 18 hours ago
William Bronson
woodland Learning from pristine Lico forest in a Mozambique volcano 2 Nathanael Szobody 18 hours ago
Nathanael Szobody
plants Lets do collaborative plant breeding! 10 Gilbert Fritz 18 hours ago
Andrew Barney
fruit trees Apple tree, what to do? 6 Kate McNicholl 19 hours ago
Kate McNicholl
fruit trees rootstock dying 4 Bill Weible 19 hours ago
John Duda
fencing junkpole fence: freaky cheap chicken/deer fence made from wood typically thrown away
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
88 paul wheaton 19 hours ago
Ted Vander Wekken
passive solar Using wood as a heat store in a lean-to 1 Annie Hope 20 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
alternative energy Compost mound for heating water-----Jean Paine---pack it tight or leave it loose? 3 zeek mcgalla 20 hours ago
Mike Jay
fruit trees Keeping deer away from orchard
[ 1, 2 ]
52 Zane Baty 21 hours ago
roberta mccanse