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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
Pollinators as part of a permaculture design 6 K Eilander
Anne Miller
Pecan Canopy - what goes well underneath 5 K Eilander
K Eilander
forest garden
Clean hairspray/gel alternatives? 2 K Eilander
Anne Miller
personal care
Function stacking windmill 15 K Eilander
C├ęcile Stelzer Johnson
Microgreens temperature? 2 K Eilander
Anne Miller
gardening for beginners
Refactoring life - Why get dressed in the bedroom? 29 K Eilander
Kim Goodwin
How did the US repair the Oklahoma Dust Bowl? 11 K Eilander
Tom Worley
greening the desert
Useful trick - tool steel welding rod 6 K Eilander
Clifford Gallington
Idea: Free recycled path material 12 K Eilander
Jennifer Jennings
tips for awkward spots
Cheapest path to electric heat a surface? 14 K Eilander
jordan barton
Recycling old drywall / sheetrock / wallboard as soil ammendment? 3 K Eilander
Nancy Reading
"Jumbo" horizontal windmill 7 K Eilander
Jeremy Baker
Small-scale trompe design 1 K Eilander
Rex Reeves
How to manage passive income streams - help, i'm organizationally challenged! 2 K Eilander
T Simpson
residual income streams
Do microwaves weaken or kill microorganisms? 4 K Eilander
Skandi Rogers
food as medicine
Should I take teflon off pans?? 2 K Eilander
Joe Banks
home care
Old clothes dryer to vertical wind turbine 2 K Eilander
Flying Kiwi
What can we learn about microclimates from orangeries? 4 K Eilander
Skandi Rogers
Lightweight heat riser idea 8 K Eilander
Scots John
rocket mass heaters
HELP! Cooking grease on ceilings. 9 K Eilander
M. Phelps
home care
Chisel Plane 2 K Eilander
Rob Lineberger
How to deal with permaculture overwhelm? 19 K Eilander
Abraham Palma
Diagnosing fault on ungrounded circuit. 3 K Eilander
K Eilander
crinkle crankle walls 1 K Eilander
Mike Haasl
Adopt A Cow 1 K Eilander
K Eilander
Capsule Wardrobe - Pants? 1 K Eilander
r ranson
What chemicals do I NOT want near my well? 8 K Eilander
Kim Goodwin
home care
Solar Cycle 25 and "the next ice age"? 7 K Eilander
Chris Kott
ulcer factory
Idea: self-foaming aircrete? 1 K Eilander
Tj Jefferson
natural building
Fruit Trenches: Cultivating Subtropical Plants in Freezing Temperatures 5 K Eilander
Mike Haasl
fruit trees
Practical Engineering youtube channel 0 K Eilander
K Eilander
natural building
Making the most of forced home-schooling 7 K Eilander
Vinson Corbo
Building codes and Northern Idaho 4 K Eilander
Bill Haynes
"Please edit your post" -- but the post is not editable? 5 K Eilander
K Eilander
tinkering with this site
Idea: Stirling-electric motor for electric vehicles? 2 K Eilander
S Bengi
What are these doors? 10 K Eilander
K Eilander
natural building
Q: Timber frame vs stick frame construction 6 K Eilander
Travis Johnson
roundwood and timber framing
Mr Slappy -- for teens? 4 K Eilander
elle sagenev
Aircrete solar collector idea 4 K Eilander
Jeremy Baker
wood2watts: an INSANE rocket stove idear 13 K Eilander
Aki Levomaa
rocket stoves
Creating seasonal frost-pockets? 0 K Eilander
K Eilander
tips for awkward spots
PVC hoop house -- with a twist. 4 K Eilander
Mike Haasl
Need advice: Vacationing preservative-free 10 K Eilander
Joy Oasis
personal care
Laundry water + pumping 7 K Eilander
Travis Johnson
Tire repair idea (Is this dumb?) 4 K Eilander
Burl Smith
Concept: Warm-climate trees in a cold climate 7 K Eilander
Joseph Lofthouse
Need electronics suggestions - breaker box monitor 2 K Eilander
David Baillie
Power Plant - literally! Plants that make electricity. 2 K Eilander
K Eilander
alternative energy
Grow table with adjustable lights 1 K Eilander
Deb Stephens
Plant Natural Origin Database? 3 K Eilander
Tom Worley
Microgreens - uneven growth?? 3 K Eilander
Anita Martin
No-electricity automatic waterer 0 K Eilander
K Eilander
Multi-source heating design 2 K Eilander
Travis Johnson
rocket mass heaters
how to reprupose fridge 1 K Eilander
William Bronson
alternative energy