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From: Missoula, MT
Website: http://www.jocelyncampbell.com/
Occupation: Consultant
Biography: [img]https://permies.com/t/52675/a/46975/J-20151025-smaller.jpg[/img] Jocelyn's life is all about balance. Maybe that's why she's an accountant and is such an advocate for keeping our natural systems healthy. As a child, she perched on branches, collected moss and fungus, caught frogs and snakes, and climbed up into swaying tree forts in her beloved Pacific Northwest woods. Then, as a teenager, she learned that reining in sugar kept her more alert and energetic. These youthful observations grew into passions for walks in the woods, gardening, herbal remedies, and natural parenting with whole and traditional foods. More recently, Jocelyn's interest in the natural and healthy led to all things permaculture and she completed her first permaculture design course in 2010. Jocelyn enjoys helping 1- and 2- person micro-businesses spend less time on their bookkeeping, or putting on feast nights at [url=https://permies.com/t/59322/simple-summary-wheaton-labs]wheaton labs[/url] (the permaculture community where she lives with her guy, Paul Wheaton), or helping achieve further world domination for the richsoil.com/permies.com empire.

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