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inland northwest permaculture convergence
I will be presenting at the Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence in Spokane on November 4, 5 and 6.  And, of course, there will be a whole bunch of other permaculture presentations going on too.

If you get a ticket before October 15, it looks like they are just $60. 

I'll be giving three presentations (each of which I will record for a podcast):

   Rocket Mass Heaters
   Wofati Eco Buildings
   Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture

I'm looking through the list of presenters/presentations and I can already see lots of stuff I wanna catch.  I hope I'm not scheduled at the same time.  Some of the presenters are people in my videos!

And, of course, between presentations, in the mornings and evenings, we'll all get to hang out. 


Paul talks about the Inland NW Permaculture Convergence in this podcast: http://www.richsoil.com/permaculture/405-podcast-066-kelly-ware-permaculture-gatherings/
From the site:

Whitman Hall has 36 beds Carlson House sleeps 26 and
Stowe House 18. Mostly two beds per room. We rent entire
buildings which each have a kitchen and meeting room(s),
so they will be ideal from the standpoint of conviviality and
continued chance for exchange. We expect many of our
out-of-town guests will stay there. The cost for 3 days of
lodging is $80. Two days will likely be around $55. We are
asking everyone to pay their lodging fees if they stay at

Several weeks ago I emailed some folks and tried to get more info and I never heard back.

Anybody know about these places?

I'm figuring on showing up on thursday and catching the evening events on thursday night and heading home after the keyline demonstrations on monday.

I think I found their page:


I also got word from skeeter - so we should be able to have this all figured out soon.

I suppose I'll shoot for whitman hall.  Anybody else?
I have been to the Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute and it is a classy joint.  It used to be the officer's quarters when it was a military camp and was remodeled to be a school for young Japanese (the future liaisons between our cultures). 

I am sure the rooms are much better today then for the military officers.  Airy, comfy, well cared for and just around the corner from the Spokane Falls Community College where the Inland Permaculture Conference will be held.

Lots of rooms have been reserved for the conference so anyone who pays for one ahead of time will get a space.  No guarantees at the door.  People can pay for rooms via paypal on the INPC website or via checks by mail. pdf registration form on website.

See ya there, Paul,

Michael Pilarski
I'd like to stay with the Missoula bunch and we are probably 5 or more from the Flathead.  Hopefully more in time.!  Which place is the MOntnana bunch staying at?
Skeeter, I'm ready to pay for four nights in whitman.  What do i do? 

There was no link I could see for paying for rooms on the event site.  Do I pay you?  do I pay somebody else?
would anyone coming to this be bringing a sourdough pancake starter? I like making some pancakes but have yet to try the above mentioned. pretty please?
I have a 49er starter - from the 1849 gold rush.  But it is in dried form.
powdered?  is that useful? dont laugh. Im not the best cook but like to learn.
Kinda like dried chunks.  It's supposed to work as "Starter seed"
Hi Paul, 
If you filled out the presenter's form, it asked about your lodging preference, but gave no indication of how to pay.  I've asked the question to the conference team and we should have a definitive answer shortly.  By Whitman, do you mean the lodging quarters at Mukogawa Fort Wright?? 

In the meantime, you can send any checks you might have directly to me ... 

I think the best place to stay, and most likely place to meet up with the Missoula bunch would be at the Mukogawa Fort Wright quarters.  Hopefully the folks from Missoula will chime in here with their lodging plans for you.

The deadline for discounted tickets is October 15 ... that's this Saturday!  To register for this epic Permaculture event, visit http://inlandnorthwestpermaculture.com/?q=registration. ; You can pay online for instant gratification or get your check in the mail to Michael Pilarski today!   

By Whitman, do you mean the lodging quarters at Mukogawa Fort Wright??


So I wanna get that nailed down.  And, I figure others might wanna do the same.

The coordinator for lodging registration is Maureen and she can be reached at lodging@inlandnorthwestpermaculture.com for questions about Mukogawa Fort Wright and reserving your place to stay (and payment for presenters, Paul). 

Note that you can reserve/pay for lodging at MFW on the Conference registration page of the website:
Get discounted "early-bird" tickets by registering before Saturday Oct 15!

And don't forget Contra Dancing on Saturday night!

Bill, I just looked at that page and didn't see how to pay for lodging.
Hi Paul,
The registration page really doesn't accommodate "special needs" folks like presenters  and I think that the easiest way for you to reserve your space in Whitman Hall and pay is to send a check made out to Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild directly to Michael Pilarski at:

PO Box 826
Tonasket, WA 98855

The email to Maureen above would be for questions related directly to the lodging and to ensure you've a reserved spot.  I'll also contact her to ensure you're taken care of. 

For the rest of us "normal" folks  , the registration page has a number of hot links to PayPal for instant payment, depending on the options you select.  Or you can print-out the registration form and send it with your check to the INPC address above!

Hope this helps.
What is skeeter's paypal ID and I'll just send some money this instant.
Ok, workin' it.

Hi Paul,

You caught me with my pants down.  I have not gotten a paypal button(s) set up to accept payment for lodging. 

We have got some nifty and comfy accomodations lined up at the Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute which is a hop, skip and a jump from Spokane Falls Community college.  it will only cost $30 for one night, $55 for 2 nights, $80 for 3 nights and $110 for 4 nights. 

People anxious to get their beds secured can send payment to:
Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild
PO Box 826
Tonasket, WA 98855

but no worries,  you can pay at the door.  I have 80 beds secured (2 beds to a room) and I expect that will accomodate our out-of-towners that want such lodging. 

Kelly Ware and her Montana posse should definitely stay with us at the dormitories.  more chance for rubbing elbows.

Michael Pilarski
We're getting the carpool stuff worked out for those of us coming from Missoula.

So I guess we just pay for the stuff when we show up.

We should be arriving at about 6:30pm thursday.  Where is the exact point where we give somebody money and get settled for the event? 

And where is the exact point for the evening stuff?


And where is the exact point for the evening stuff?

I believe you're speaking of the Thursday evening "stuff"?   

If so, then:

Jan Spencer, Suburban Permaculture, Eugene, Oregon
will host a
Thursday Night Pre-conference Special Event
at the
Salem Lutheran Church, 1428 West Broadway, Spokane
6:30 PM, potluck (out-of-towners do the best you can)
7:30 Presentation -  "Neighborhoods, Uplift, Permaculture and the Economy."
Free and open to the public.

The presentation will describe several key elements for transforming ourselves, culture and economy.

Afterwards, I'm sure everyone can form a caravan to the lodging site.
I'll leave Googling for the map to you-all as my network connection tonight is slower than dial-up 

edit:  Oh wait!  Try this map:  http://g.co/maps/wnq4m
Here is the evolving scoop for INPC people coming in from out of town on thursday.

6:30-7:30 is potluck at the Salem Lutheran church followed by Jan Spencer's pc talk.

We probably will have a registration table set up at the church.

We will open lodging at the Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute dormitories at 7:30 pm.  Maureen Takogawa will be there to take payment for lodging and get people settled. Look for the Stowe House sign and our permaculture sign. There is a kitchen at each of the dormitory buildings and so people can prepare food there if they want.  We may have a volunteer cook up some soup so it is available, but at least we will have some food to cook with there.  Mukogawa is less than a mile from SFCC. google it for directions. We have to get that on the website yet. 

Other questions?

Michael Pilarski, convenor

Hi Folks,
Is anyone going to the convergence who will be in Seattle and could bring some fliers for Seattle Tilth?
We're offering a Permaculture Teacher Training in Sept. 2012 and would like to get the word out.

It's residential at our Seattle Tilth Farm Works farm in Auburn, WA. http://seattletilth.org/learn/classes-and-workshops/permacultureteachertraining . Thanks!
I'm now home from the conference.

I learned soooooo much. 

And, I want to thank the dozens of people that made me feel like a rock star.  That was awesome.  My head is even bigger than before. 

I think there were a couple hundred people.  Which for a region that has a smaller population, and for a first time event put together on short notice, I think this was pretty huge. 

Ernie and Erica got signed up at the last minute and gave fire science demonstrations.

The keyline stuff by Neil was excellent.  I learned that it can be used for hillside flood irrigation in an extremely efficient manner. 

I made so many connections and learned so many excellent bits, it will take me a year to unravel/share it all.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the INWP Conference. 

Special thanks to Skeeter for spearheading it all as well as everyone else who helped to organize and execute such a great conference. 

Paul, it was great to meet you in person there.  Next time I will plan ahead and put in an order for a Huckleberry pie from the Amish bakery here in Libby--it is always best to keep your pantry prepared   

My wife (Chaya) and I are very new to Permaculture, but I can say that we went from a 2ish on the Permaculture 1-100 scale to a solid double digit rating.  There was so much to learn, so many book titles to take note of, lots of great speakers--we loved all of it and are now hooked. 

We posted a blog to our website ( http://pantryparatus.com/blog/permaculture_2citylots/ ) about our time there at the conference based on Skeeter's talk on Friday morning in the garden behind the One World Restaurant.  We called the blog, "The Tale of Two City Lots." 

I hope to keep up with all of the great information here on Permies

Wilson & Chaya

I had tons of fun too! Good to visit and make connections with folks in our general area ( Met with Wilson, Chaya and Paul there)

Totally forgot to grab some sourdough starter
I had a great time and am very grateful to have met all the excited and active permies in the Inland Northwest.

Thanks everyone for sharing your passions. 

Back in Reno, in assessment and re-design mode based on what I learned at the conference and the setting in of the cold.

Working on getting up to Montana in May to reconnect with y'all and learn about 'Sepp-ification' of a landscape.

many thanks,
Was a great time ... met all sorts of awesome people and heard about many interesting projects.

Here's some pics!

Jan Spencer's potluck and presentation Thursday evening at the Salem Lutheran Church.  Had a great turnout!

Touring on Friday, stopped by a really beautiful strawbale home in the morning:

And then Robert Swanson's 20+ year project gardens (oh, the diversity he has):

Apple tasting and Contra-dancing Saturday evening!  This was really fun and dancers filled the hall:
River City Ramblers:

Nora Scott calling the "moves":

Apple bar:


I'll see about posting some short videos of the dance, complete with music!
I am so very thankful for all the awesome people who came and gave their time, knowledge and energy at the 2011 INPC!
Many thanks to Skeeter, Paul Wheaton, Jan Spencer, BZ Isreal, Robert Swanson, Gabe Gaul, and a multitude of others for their unbridled enthusiasm for permaculture. Thanks for lighting a permaculture fire under my ass!!
I'm looking forward to throwing myself wholeheartedly into the practice of it and helping transform the Inland Northwest.
Let's go to the waterfront with this tiny ad:
Self-Sufficiency in MO -- 10 acres of Eden, looking for a renter who can utilize and appreciate it.

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